How to Stop a Runny Nose Fast

How to Stop a Runny Nose Fast

There are a number of options to stop runny nose ranging from taking antihistamines to simply taking rest. Taking steam and other decongestants always work whether your nose is overflowing due to allergies, cold or clogged due to any other cause. Meditation can also be a simple remedy in certain situations.

Runny nose can be annoying, but if you take extra care then you can stop it quickly and save yourself from a lot of trouble. The extra mucus formation that is typical of a runny nose is to be removed by clearing the nasal passage periodically.

Sometimes it is the weather conditions, time of the year or just pollution that causes sneezing or runny nose. Sneezing may be temporary but the mucus flowing from the nose can last for hours, days or even weeks.

This is not only annoying but embarrassing condition for some. Some others may be less less concerned about the social aspects, but all are interested in getting rid of it as soon as possible. Mucus production formed inside the nasal passage increases to fight with the cold or flu viruses, allergens and irritants to push them out of the body resulting in runny nose.


Occasionally you may also face a runny nose condition and wonder how to stop it fast? There are many different ways in which you can get relief from the acute runny nose, but If you have a chronic runny nose, then you need to consult a doctor.Most of the time you may not require any medicine for it.

Runny nose and sneezing stops on its own within a certain period largely depending on how severe the condition is.

Yet, you should know that it will take time, so have patience. However annoying it may feel, and whatever methods you try, runny nose takes its own time to get normal. All you really do is to get temporary bouts of relief periods to avoid constant discomfort.

What Causes a Runny Nose?

Allergens and irritants are the major causes of a runny nose. Dust mites, pollen, pet dander and irritants like cigarette smoke and spicy food can easily trigger a runny nose in many people.
Runny nose is a condition when nasal tissues are swollen or congested with excess mucus, which either runs out of your nose or goes down the back of your throat. A runny nose may be annoying and uncomfortable, but it usually clears up on its own. It is not a serious condition in majority of cases. Rarely but sometimes a runny nose may indicate a more serious underlying problem. Call your doctor if it continues for more than 2 weeks or is accompanied by fever for more than 3 days. If the discharge turns green then it is sign that reflects bacterial infection requiring medical attention. If you have asthma or if the discharge is with blood then also it will require doctor’s attention.

Most people with weak immunity may get affected during the cold and flu season. If you are prone to allergies the runny nose can be a part of your life through out the season.

Once you are affected, getting rid of the runny nose may take a week or two. So if it is likely to annoy you for 10-14 days, then how do we stop it earlier? You can't, but you can reduce the impact by taking the following actions.

1. Precautionary Ways to Get Relief from Runny Nose

You can take many precautions to reduce the impact of the runny nose. These are commonsense measure:

  • Keep yourself away from the source of allergy. Dust and dander are the biggest contributors to runny nose.
  • Drink plenty of water and take a rest. This will increase your body resistance and you will recover faster.
  • Sniff and swallow gently to keep clearing your nose.

Don't underestimate the healing power of the above simple precautions. Since runny nose is an allergic reaction, it makes complete sense to keep away from allergens and do everything that can increase immunity.

stop runny nose

This type of periodic cleaning of nasal passage will not only remove the mucus but will also continuously produce more mucus to fight the viruses or irritants for which this mucus is supposed to form. In fact, the regular clearing of extra mucus removes the irritants fast.

There are two more powerful methods to stop a runny nose.

2. Use Neti for Runny nose

Try sinus cleansing by Neti. The method is simple yet complex, therefore if possible do it under supervision particularly if you have never done it before. The objective is to let the warm salted water pass through the sinus passage through one nostril and gets out through the other without going inside the throat.

You need a Neti pot and slightly warm salted water. Boil 500 ml of water and add one teaspoon of salt. You can add a little less or more salt but don't make it too salty. Let the water cool down to an acceptable warm level. Put it in the neti pot and do the following.

  • Stand upright by keeping the neti pot in one hand.
  • Bend your upper body slightly forward and tilt your head on one side, so that your nose is 45-60 degree from its original vertical position.
  • Add the salted water on the upper nostril and let it flow out from the lower nostril.
  • Repeat the process by tilting your head on the other side and repeat the process.
  • Keep doing it until the entire water in the neti pot is finished.
  • Once you have finished the water. Stand straight again.
  • Jerk sneeze several times to keep both your nostrils free from any traces of remaining water.

The warm salt water clears the nasal passage of mucus as well as moisturizes the passage. This miniaturization of the nasal passage reduces mucus formation as well. So it really works as a double edged sword.

3. Inhale Steam

Inhaling steam does the same action on the nose as the neti process. It clears the passage of mucus and moisturizes the nasal passage. You can simply use your home utensils to conduct the stream inhalation process or use a special electronic steam inhalation machine ( vaporizer). They are not very expensive.

Don't add anything to the water in the steam making pot. Some people use Vicks or Eucalyptus oil. Plane normal water or water with a little salt is more effective as the objective is to keep the nasal passage moisturize.

You can certainly use Vicks or Eucalyptus oil as topical treatment, but avoid mixing it with water for steam.

Make sure that you inhale the steam by intermittently taking out your head out of the towel and away fro the steam pot. Don't be too close to the steam pot to burn your face.

There are many OTC medicines but be aware that, most of the over the counter medication don't really work. They may suppress the condition which is not a real solution. Your objective should be to clear the nose of mucus and keep the nostrils moisturized.