Sinus infection

Sinus Infection During Pregnancy - Remedies and Precautions

The probability of sinus infection during pregnancy increase by 2 to 3 times in all women as compared to when they are not pregnant. Running nose is very common in 20% of the women during the 2nd to 3rd month. 

Ear infection facial tension above the jaw bones, tenderness below the eyes and nasal congestion are some of the typical symptoms of sinus infection during pregnancy.

Sometimes there may be mild fever. Most of the diagnosis is done by the symptoms explained by the pregnant women to the doctor. X-Ray and CAT scan are generally avoided to ensure that the baby does not get radiation.


Over the counter medicine should be avoided. Doctors usually provide safer drugs which do not harm normal development of the baby.

Pregnant women are more susceptible than others to get throat and lug infection from a runny nose. It is sometimes important to give antibiotics to ensure that the pregnant woman does not get pneumonia, which can be dangerous for her as well as the baby.

Runny nose may at some times be because of the pregnancy by itself and not because of any viral or bacterial infection. This is when the precaution is required to ensure that unnecessary medication is not prescribed. Doctor is the best judge.

Most natural home remedies for sinus infection in such cases are safe. However, consent from the gynecologist will be important.

Bloody nose particularly during the dry winter month is common. This is because of the hormonal changes that increase the blood supply to the respiratory system. No medication may be required in such cases. Bleeding can generally be stopped by giving gentle pressure to the nasal bridge. Avoid nose picking.