Warts on Hand

How to Get Rid of Warts

Warts are unsightly and stubborn hard growth that can be embarrassing and irritating. You would want to get rid of these warts as soon as possible.

Wart is a small hard but benign growth anywhere on the skin. There are many different types of warts. They usually appear on hands and legs but can appear elsewhere in the body. Warts on fingers, hands, toes and genital warts are the most common warts.

Warts are contagious, so proper care should be taken to ensure that they are not spread. Avoid scratching and picking. Most warts disappear with time. There are many natural home remedies that can expedite the process of disappearance and help you to get rid of them fast, but some warts may need surgical removal. In any case you should check with your doctor before resorting to alternate treatment.

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What causes Warts?

Warts are caused by a viral infection. The virus that causes warts is called human papillomavirus 2 and 7 (HPV). There are more than a dozen different types of warts. All of them are contagious. Though they are contagious, they are harmless.

The virus attacks the outermost layer of the skin. It usually enters through a scratch on the skin. Once it attacks, it multiplies and spread on the skin. Thus a thick mass of wart manifest on the skin. It may just be one wart or many depending on the personal hygiene status at the time of attack and later.

If they don’t disappear on their own in months, then they can last for years.


How to Get Rid of Warts Naturally

Yes ... Some remedies are more effective than the others. Homeopathy which is not the subject of our discussions here has also been found useful in fast removal of warts. We will be looking at common natural products that can help wart disappear fast.

1. Tea Tree Oil

In the top of list of effective home remedy for warts is tea tree oil. This oil has been found to be useful in treating many skin conditions and works very effectively in getting rid of warts. If you apply the tea tree oil regularly and systematically, then you can see the results fast. Application of the oil requires precaution for best results.

Clean the surface of the affected area with the help of antiseptic fluid such as dettol. Let the area dry for a few seconds. Now apply a drop of tea tree oil directly on the wart or with the help of a cotton swab. You can repeat the process 5-6 times a day. Within a couple of weeks your warts will be gone.

2. Potato Juice

Another very effective home remedy is raw potato. Potato juice is a wonderful product for many skin conditions ranging from simple rashes to eczema. You can remove blemishes from your skin with potato juice. It even is helpful in arthritis and other joint pains and joint related conditions. Potato juice is alkaline in nature.

You can apply potato juice on the warts in two different ways. One method involves extracting the juice and applying it on the wart and the other requires cutting potato slices and wrapping them on the warts.

Cut raw potato slices and apply it on the warts several times a day. Wipe clean the surface of wart and the skin around it with warm water. Dab the area dry with a cotton towel. Wrap a slice on the wart and leave it there for 15minutes. Remove the slice and replace it with another one and keep that also for 15 minutes wrapped around the wart. Do this ritual of 30 minutes 3-4 times a day. This natural treatment for warts removal takes 2-3 weeks.


How to Get Rid of Genital Warts

Most people get concerned after seeing a genital warts and worry about it being an STD. Genital warts are generally known as condylomata acuminate or venereal warts. They are similar to the warts on other parts of the body.

Though genital warts are generally not considered STD ( Sexually transmitted disease) they are contagious, therefore will be passed on to the partner if proper hygiene is not maintained. Genital herpes which is caused by Herpes Simplex Virus is STD.

Apply Vitamin E oil to protect the nearby skin and then applying crushed garlic on the wart and cover it with a bandage. Change it every 6-8 hours. This is one of the best home remedies for genital warts. If your skin turns out to be sensitive to garlic then avoid this after the first application.

Another one of the very effective genital warts removal materials is apple cider vinegar. Apply the vinegar several times a day on the wart and they will disappear in weeks.

Most genital remedies described above work well with warts on fingers hands and other parts of the body.

Aloe Vera which is very effective in treating most of the skin conditions is also a very good for genital warts. Apply fresh Aloe Vera juice on the wart several times a day and soon you will see that the warts disappear within weeks. If fresh Aloe Vera extract is not available then apply Aloe Vera cream. It will be slow but will work.

All the above remedies will have varying degrees of impact in different people. Choose the remedy that suits you because each one of these remedies will have varying degree of impact on the warts in different people.

Tips and Precautions

Warts take a long time to go away on their own. It can be anytime between 1-5 years. It is certainly not a good idea to keep them on your body as they are contagious. Take the following precautions to prevent them

  • Don't touch your own or other peoples wart
  • Do Not share towels, shoes and sox with anyone.
  • Cover you warts with waterproof bandage when you enter the swimming pool