Honey Aloe Vera for blind pimples

How To Get Rid of A Blind Pimple

Blind pimple (closed comedone) generally headless acne is very painful. It is located deep under the surface of the skin and is close to the nerves on the face and head. It grows slowly and stay longer on the face so the pain period is also longer than the normal acne.

Blind pimple is a big pink red bump which is even more noticeable on the face than a random acne which is unnoticeable. Overactive sebaceous glands under the skin and lack of hygiene are the main causes. It remains under the surface of the skin and doesn't have a whitehead that the common pimples have.

They are without the pus and vary in sizes. It is usually tough to get rid of a blind pimple. Early treatment can save you from a lot of trouble, but you should never get tempted to poke or squeeze a blind pimple as it increases the risk of infection.


If you are not able to treat it at the early stages then treat it at the later stage which requires to form a head. it is difficult to treat in the middle stages. Blind pimples can be prevented by maintaining proper hygiene, a healthy diet, and plenty of sleep and exercise.

If you can't prevent it then you can use the following home remedies to get rid of a blind pimple which has surfaced in spite of all your efforts to stop it.

Step 1- Noticing a Pink Bump of A Blind Pimple on the Face Early

Treating a blind pimple requires a disciplined and patient approach. As soon as you begin to see the pink bump appearing on your face you can do a lot to kill it by proper treatment and save yourself a lot of pain and spare yourself to avoid this ugly looking bumps on your face.

Ice Compress - Apply Ice wrapped in a thin cotton for 5 -10 minutes. This cold compress reduces the swelling . Do it several times a day for many days until the bump subsides and pain disappear.

Healthy Diet - Eat healthy food including whole grains, fruits, vegetables,nuts and fish. Avoid fatty junk foods and meat. This less intake of fats and healthy diet in most cases will stop the sebaceous glands to go into overdrive. Hopefully, you may not have a second bout of a blind pimple.

Enough Rest - Rest is essential for the body to recover from any abnormality. Take sufficient rest so that the body tissues can repair itself.

Exercise - Exercise improves blood circulation which improves the functionality of every body cell due to adequate oxygen supply. So exercise regularly.

If you take care of all the four points above then the blind pimple can be conquered in its very early stages and prevented from recurring.

Step 2- Fully Developed Blind Pimple

You have already missed the treatment at the early stages. Call it unawareness or lethargy. It is missed now. So what is next.

Now you have to have patience. Do not poke or squeeze a blind pimple otherwise it can get infected and cause furunculosis. You need to now look at both the pain reduction methods as well as ways to get rid of it.

1. Apply Clay Mask

Whether you notice your blind pimple early or at a later stage. Clay mask will help you to reduce inflammation and redness resulting in pain reduction and its lifespan. Applying clay mask on your entire face will not only take care of the blind pimples but also will clear the acne that might be appearing on the skin surface.

Apply the clay mask overnight. The resting position for 8 will provide a great healing experience. However your bed may be messed up with the dry clay granules. This is a little price to pay for pain relief and fast recovery from the blind pimples.

2. Warm Compress

A grown up blind pimple at some stage will be ready to oz out the pus that has formed over a long period. If you have not been able to treat it at the early stages then you will have to wait until the pus tries to make a head. A warm compress will help pain reduction as well as make the conditions favourable to release the puss.

Again patience is the key. Let the blind pimple fully mature and be ready to puncture on its own.

3. Other Healing Natural Products

Applying apple cider vinegar, Aloe Vera, honey, milk, lemon juice, tea tree oil, and a variety of other natural products will help you to reduce pain and avoid infection due to these products natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Choose your convenient products and apply them regularly.