Turmeric for boils under armpit

Boils Under Armpits - How To Get Rid of Underarm Boils

Boils can appear on any part of the skin but the boils under armpits are most inconvenient and painful. They can really disrupt your life in many ways because every hand movement will give pain.Underarm boils also can cause fever. Treat the boils before they become chronic.

boils under armpit infographic

What Causes Boils Under Armpits?

A condition known as Folliculitis in which the hair follicles get infected with bacteria is the predominant cause of underarm boils. Armpits area has sweat glands that are highly developed.


Sometimes due to excessive sweating the ducts that connect to the sweat glands to the hair follicles can get blocked by the residue left behind after the sweat dries up. This residue increases chances of infections resulting in boil in the armpits.

Other cause of underarm infection leading to boils is the sebaceous glands present in the underarm region. Here also when the tract connecting the gland and the hair follicle gets congested with impurities.

Other causes of the underarm boils are smoking, stress and use of deodorants.


Home Remedies for Boils Under Armpits

Every boil can be treated with medicine, home remedies or surgery. Choice of treatment for boils under armpits largely depends on the severity of the boils. Some boils can be treated by application of turmeric, garlic juice or honey.

However, if these home remedies for boils do not produce the desired relief within 48 hours then visit a physician. Your doctor will decide whether you need medication or surgery. Most boils under armpits can be treated by medication but some of them do require surgery.

Whatever action you take to get rid of the underarm boils, you must make sure that you maintain proper hygiene to avoid getting them again.