3 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Pinworms

Pinworm infection mainly affects young school age children due to lack of hand washing hygiene.

The parasites can easily be transferred by hands or by sharing items with each other to cause the infection. Adults also get infected by these contagious pinworms.

The unknowingly ingested pinworms reach your intestine and lay eggs in the skin near the anus. This can cause extreme itchiness around the anus area in some cases.

Pinworms are about 1cm long parasites visible to naked eyes.

Prevention is always better than cure as pinworm infection can be prevented with following best hygiene practice.

However, if anyone in the house is infected with pinworm then home remedies like apple cider vinegar can treat it. Everyone in the house should take the treatment as it is highly contagious.


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How Apple Cider Vinegar Treats Pinworms?

Pinworms are white 1-2 mm width and about 1 cm long parasites that are very contagious. They infact human intestine and rectal/anus area. They are contagious and their infection spreads through fingers, bedding, clothing and other items.

Children who get affected get itching in anal/ rectal area. They scratch and the eggs, which have colonies near the anus, get into their fingernails from where they are transported to anything they share with others. That is why if someone in the house has got infected everyone should get treated. The use of apple cider vinegar and other natural remedies ensure that there is no side effect.

Apple cider vinegar has been in medicinal use from ancient times. It has been used for wound healing, skin infections, diabetes, control, ulcers, and many other cosmetic and health issues.(1)

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid. It lowers the pH and creates an uninhabitable environment for the parasites.

It is generally safe for ingestion although sometimes apple cider vinegar needs dilution.

If you are using apple cider vinegar for children then dilute it more than you would dilute for adults.

Usually label on your ACV bottle specifying the dilution ratios for direct ingestion.

Following remedies are for adults. Dilute them more with water for children.

3 Effective Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Pinworms

You can use apple cider vinegar alone or with other natural foods to get rid of pinworms. Since pinworms average life is about 6 weeks you should use these home remedies for longer periods to completely wipe these parasites out from your system.

1, Apple Cider Vinegar

Make sure that you buy unpasteurized, unrefined and unfiltered apple cider vinegar with mother.

  • Add a tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar in a glass of water
  • Mix well
  • Drink it empty stomach in the morning
  • Do it every day for 90 days


2. Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Oil

Make sure that you buy organic Virgin Coconut oil

  • Mix one tablespoon each of Apple cider vinegar and virgin coconut oil
  • Consume it in the morning empty stomach
  • Apply virgin coconut oil around the anus
  • Do it daily for 90 days

3. Apple cider Vinegar, Garlic and Yogurt

  • Cut a clove of garlic in small pieces and put in a small crucible
  • Add a tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar to cover the garlic pieces.
  • Keep it overnight
  • Add garlic and apple cider vinegar mixture to a cup of yogurt in the morning and mix well
  • Eat the mix empty stomach everyday morning for 60 days.

If your child can't bear the ACV and garlic mix then avoid it. Most adults would benefit from this highly potent combination.

Tips and Other Precautions

Strict hygiene plays a vital role in prevention and treatment of pinworm infection. The worm has a lifespan of 6 months so everyone in the house has to be very disciplined about hygiene.

You can take the following precautions to prevent pinworms out of your home.

  • Cut everyone's fingernails short
  • Take bath or shower daily with soap cleaning
  • Wash your hands multiple times daily particularly after visiting the toilets and before eating anything.
  • Vacuum your carpets and mop your floors regularly
  • Clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces particularly the door knobs daily.
  • Wash all bed linens pajamas and all other cloths your child sleeps with.

Take apple cider vinegar or any other home remedy for up to 90 days even though the anal itching might have stopped. This will stop recurrence of pinworm infection.