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Glutamine Benefits and Side Effects

Health benefits of L glutamine are incredible. Amino acids are building blocks of protein and L glutamine constitutes almost one third of amino acid nitrogen in your bloodstream.So far it was believed that L glutamine burns fat, loses weight fast and builds muscles. But scientific research has shown it's many more benefits including treating leaking gut and improving overall health.

L glutamine is available in many foods such as eggs, skim milk, tofu, white rice, beef and a range of other food items. It is also produced in your body naturally.

You may have to take L glutamine supplements when your body needs it more than it can produce particularly at the time injury or illness.

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What is L Glutamine?

Glutamine is an amino acid naturally found in the body. It is also found in lots of food items as well as available in supplement form. Glutamine is available in both plant proteins and animal proteins.

Amino acids are natural building blocks for proteins. Glutamine is one of the most abundantly available amino acids in the body.


Glutamine is produced in the muscles and supplied through the blood to the organ that may require it. It produces nitrogen which is necessary for fast recovery of wounds and injuries..

Glutamine is required to make other important chemicals and amino acids and sugars. When any organ requires nitrogen muscles produce glutamine. This way glutamine depletes in the body. That is why it has to be taken through diet and supplements to keep sufficient supply of glutamine in the body.

Health Benefits of L Glutamine

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Promotes Muscle Growth

Since glutamine is produced in the muscles and supplied to other organs in the body through the bloodstream the muscles may become weak if organs demands are higher than production. Consuming more glutamine through diet and supplements helps to strengthen muscles.

Improves Athletic Performance

Scientific studies have shown that athletic and sports performance is improved by glutamine.

Endurance is key in many sports and glutamine helps to increase endurance.

During intense exercise the glutamine depletes in the body and muscle becomes weak. Glutamine supplements maintain the levels in the muscles giving your endurance in your performance.


Boosts Metabolism

One of the biggest benefits of glutamine is its ability to improve gastrointestinal performance and boost metabolism.

When you want to lose weight without losing muscle glutamine supplements are ideal.

Heals Ulcers and Leaky Gut

Ulcers are internal wounds and glutamine helps to heal such wounds by supplying nitrogen.

Glutamine also stops harmful bacteria and toxins from the intestine from entering the rest of your body. This stops the leaky gut.

Controls Blood Sugar Levels and Diabetes

Some scientific studies have shown that a few weeks of glutamine supplementation regulates blood sugar levels better in the diabetes type 2 patients.

Increases Focus and Concentration

Glutamine is an essential neurotransmitter in the brain which helps and memorizes things, increasing focus and concentration.

Improves immunity

Glutamine is a primary source of energy for the immune system. When your body goes through intense muscle exercise the glutamine levels deplete directly impacting immunity.

Taking supplements under those circumstances replenishes glutamine levels resulting in improved immunity.

So as can see that glutamine is not only for muscle builders. It benefits everyone at several levels.

Side Effects of L Glutamine Supplements

Short term use of L glutamine supplements is generally very safe particularly when you know that this is also produced naturally inside the body.

Various scientific studies have also shown that taking L glutamine supplement is safe.

So if you stick to normal dosage of L glutamine which ranges from 6 mg to 14 mg per day then you should be really safe from any side effects.

However as the general principle goes too much of everything is bad. Excess consumption of L glutamine can upset your stomach so follow the recommended doses when you buy your supplement.

Precautions and Tips

You may generally not require to take L glutamine supplements as your body produces enough of it and the daily diet you consume usually takes care of your normal requirements.

If you get injured or fall sick then your body's requirement of L glutamine increases. You may have to eat foods rich in L glutamine and you may take the supplements also.

If you are planning to build muscles and reduce belly fat and overall weight then a short term plan of taking L glutamine supplement is helpful.

Take following precautions when you consume L glutamine supplement

  • Follow recommended doses
  • Do not over consume as it might cause upset stomach
  • Eat foods rich in L glutamine

Occasional taking of L glutamine supplements will be beneficial without any serious side effects.