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How to Use Sugar for Leg Ulcers

You may perhaps never imagine that sugar can be used to heal your leg ulcers and other skin wounds. But this ancient practice to treat leg ulcers has been in use in Egypt, Mesopotamia and many other parts of Africa and Asia for more than 3500 years. Use of sugar is now gaining appreciation in the medical services also.

Though individual researchers have found sufficient positive evidence of sugar healing leg ulcers comprehensively, no major randomised study has yet been undertaken by the medical fraternity. In fact one such study in the UK which healed leg ulcers of a wheelchair stuck man was given huge media coverage, yet the pharmaceutical industry is keeping quiet on this.

This is because sugar is too cheap and any expensive medical research cannot produce any commercial benefits to the pharmaceutical industry.


How Effective Sugar is for Healing Skin Ulcers?

The otherwise demonized white sugar is perhaps the best healing agent for the worst kind of leg ulcers that are paradoxically caused by the sugar itself.

Consuming more sugar than required is the main cause of diabetes type 2 which is rampant in today’s sedentary lifestyle. Diabetes slowly and steadily starts causing damage to all the vital organs of the body ranging from your heart, brain, kidneys, eyes to the skin.

Most of the weeping skin ulcers in the leg are caused by diabetes and are untreatable by the conventional medicine. Even if some advanced medicines heal them they come back.

So how does sugar heal them permanently?

Though the exact mechanism has still not been fully understood due to lack of interest by the pharmaceutical industry to conduct major research, some logical evidence based arguments can explain it easily.

Sugar has antibacterial capabilities, therefore it will not only stop bacteria from multiplying in the open wound, but will also kill them. Sugar also absorbs moisture which becomes the breeding ground for the bacteria. This osmotic capability of sugar draws out moisture from the wound.

So, if the bacteria does not get the required environment to multiply and are killed by the antibacterial capabilities of sugar then the wound must heal. That is exactly what happens.

How to Use Sugar to Heal Leg Ulcers and Mild Skin Burns?

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Leg ulcers in old age are becoming very common because obesity and diabetes are on the rise since the last 2 decades.

In most cases, it is the inability of blood and nutrients to reach the skin which is at the extreme end of the circulatory system that causes leg ulcers and other skin wounds. Anything that can cause destruction of blood supply will lead to skin problems and ulcers.


There are three different ways in which the leg ulcers are formed

  1. Venous leg ulcers - These are the ulcers in which a particular vein or networks of veins in the leg stops functioning effectively. The condition is called Varicose veins which impacts blood circulation to the skin
  2. Arterial leg ulcers - These are leg ulcers caused by the inability of the arteries of supplying sufficient blood to the skin.  The peripheral arteries affected by atherosclerosis are the main cause of disruption in the blood supply
  3. Diabetes ulcers - This is one of the leading causes of leg ulcers and many other skin and other organ diseases and conditions. The excess sugar in the blood does not find enough insulin which carries nutrients to the skin as a result skin cells begin to die causing ulcers which are common in the leg area.

Irrespective of the cause of the leg ulcers sugar will heal all kinds of ulcers.

Use the following procedure for effective healing of your leg ulcers:

  • Take sufficient quantity of granular sugar treated with antiseptic to ensure that it is Highly Effective to deal with all kinds of bacterial growth in the weeping skin wound.
  • Make a peripheral rim by Vaseline to contain the sugar within the limited area around the ulcer.
  • Fill the ulcer with sufficient quantity of sugar to cover the wound within the predefined area created by the Vaseline rim. Depending on the size of the wound, the quantity of the sugar may vary from a pinch of sugar to a couple of teaspoons of sugar. (Some of the diabetic leg ulcers can be big and deep.)
  • Cover the area with lint free dressing
  • Change the dressing after 12 hours for the first couple of days. Do not remove old sugar from the wound. Add more sugar if required and cover it again.
  • Change the dressing frequency to 24 hours for the next two weeks.
  • Change the dressing frequency to once a week  for the next two weeks. Within the 4-5 weeks your wound should be completely healed.

If you have more than one leg ulcers then dress each ulcer separately as far as possible.

During the period continue your diabetic medicine which you are taking orally . It will also be appropriate to keep a doctor involved in this course of applying sugar on your leg ulcers. Though the condition of the wound is going to improve, in case anything goes wrong then the doctor can help.

This natural treatment by sugar has saved many legs from being imputed. So treat your leg ulcers early with sugar.

Tips and Precautions for Leg Ulcers

Attend to your skin ulcer in its early stages to avoid all kinds of complications.

Treat underlying conditions such as varicose veins, atherosclerosis and diabetes with utmost seriousness because all the three conditions slowly but surely take you towards your early death.

These are very serious conditions therefore any negligence will give you more trouble during the period you survive and reduces your lifespan. Most of these conditions can be significantly improved by lifestyle and dietary changes.