Stiff neck

Home Remedies for Stiff Neck

Neck pain has become one of the most common causes of pain in the body as our life now revolves around computers, tablets and mobile phones. The usually bad sitting postures put a pressure on a nerve which causes the pain by making the neck stiff.

Long periods of poor postures weaken specific muscles to tire and become overstretched around the neck area. This in combination of pinching of nerve causes muscles to spasm and give rise to pain.

If you are more careful about your posture and use stretching as simple stiff neck remedies, then you will save yourself from chronic pain.


Your sleeping position also can cause stiff neck. If you can get your sitting and sleeping postures right then 90% of your neck pain problems can be resolved without any effort.

All that you require those cases is to relax the strained or sprained muscle and remove the pressure on the nerve that is transmitting the pain.

The levator scapula muscle located at the back and side of the muscle connects the neck (cervical spine) with the shoulder. Continuous looking down at the computer screen or uncomfortable pillow can cause this muscle to strain or even sprain. Sports injury can also sprain the muscle causing the neck to become stiff.

Cervical spine disorders such as cervical herniated disc or cervical osteoarthritis can cause a nerve to get pinched causing pain and stiff neck. Orthopedic doctors can help in these aspects.

Other cause for stiff neck can be an infection. If the stiff neck also is followed by fever then it is time to talk to your doctor and seek medical help. Meningitis infection can be fatal so if you feel migraine nausea , fever and sleeplessness then it is an emergency to take medical help.

Let us get back to normal stiff neck problems due to postures and use some simple remedies to get rid of that irritating neck pain. We assume that you don't have any serious underlying cause such as meningitis or cervical disorders requiring medical attention. You have noted the stiff neck and it is just a couple of days or less that you have been feeling it.

1. Tennis Ball Massage

This is a self help to get rid of the muscle pain due to stiff neck. Identify the spot where you have the pain. Stand near a wall facing your back to the wall. Put a ball on the sore spot and press the ball against the wall. Roll your body on the ball. Since the ball is held between your body and the wall by pressure, the ball will not fall. Do it 5-10 minutes.

This will relieve the spasm of the stiff neck and you will feel relieved of the pain.

2. Massage your Sore Spot with Fingers

if you can reach the stiff neck muscles by your hand or you do not have a tennis ball or any other such prop then you can use your hands to massage the area.

If the pain is on the left side of the neck then you have to use the right hand and if the pain is on the right side then use left hand.

Take your fingers to the area where the knots are formed due to spasm. Press the area firmly. Your muscles should feel hurt and you should be able to bear the pain of the moments. Make sure that the pressure is not too high that it gives rise to sharp intolerable pain.

3. Rotate Your head

Stand with your spine and head straight. Slowly rotate your head on the other side of the pain area. If the pain is on the left side then turn your head right until you can't turn it any more. Stay your head there for a second then slowly move your head to the other side in the same way. Repeat this for 5-10 times.

Once again stand straight as before and this time bend your neck instead of turning. First bend your neck so that the head is bent backwards. keep it there for a few seconds and bring it back to normal position.

Now bend it towards the front side. Repeat the process towards left and right. Every time keep the head in a band position for a couple of seconds, bring back to normal and then change the side. 3-4 cycles covering all back, front, left and right movements of bending will give instant relief.

There are many other stretching exercises which you can do but the above 3 are simple to get rid of your stiff neck.