Foods for Ulcerative colitis

Natural Remedies for Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis, a condition of the large intestine, is an inflammatory bowel disease which flares up from time to time. The symptoms may range from intestinal cramps to bloody diarrhea

Natural remedies for ulcerative colitis works much better than conventional medicine. Most of the prescribed conventional medicine have not been able to resolve the problem as they simply increase the time period between flare ups and reduce the severity.

These medicines have severe side effects therefore natural remedies including some lifestyle changes, improved dietary habits and stress management go a long way in treating ulcerative colitis.

Ulcerative colitis is a condition which should be monitored by a doctor irrespective of whether you are taking standard medication or using alternative remedies. Periodic monitoring will help in dealing with the condition much better as it involves potential ulcers that can be dangerous if not dealt well.


Food Remedies for Ulcerative Colitis

Food is a significant contributor to both stomach problems as well as solving stomach problems. It depends which food items suite you and which don't.

At the same Different food items have different implications in different people. However, some foods are more safe and healthy than the others in general living conditions for every one. Some of these otherwise healthy foods cause allergic reactions on some people and on the other hand over-consumption will affect everyone some time sooner or later.

You have to try these remedies out to see what works in your case and what doesn't. These items have been prone to cause digestive problems in some people. In contrast with that some other food items have shown improvements in digestion and reduction of ulcerative colitis incidences. So both dos and don'ts of the foods are as under:

Avoid Gluten and Refined Carbohydrates

Gluten a substance generally found in wheat has been found to cause allergic reactions in some people. It has also been found that gluten aggravates ulcerative colitis. Eat less wheat and avoid if possible.

Refined carbohydrates generally adversely affect digestion. Anything that affects digestion will flare up ulcerative colitis. All white flour products such as pastas and white bread should be avoided if you have a tendency for ulcerative colitis.

Avoid Dairy Products and High Fat foods

Dairy products have been found to cause digestive problems in some cases due to lactose intolerance. Avoid milk, cheese, butter and other milk products. It is interesting that yogurt another milk product in fact helps digestion.

Similarly high fat items particularly known as junk food are health hazards. If you have ulcerative colitis then you have to be more careful. Eat food cooked in low fat oils such as olive oil. Use fat items rich in Omega-3 such as certain fish and flaxseed oil.

Even removal of alcohol caffeine and meat from your diet will reduce the ulcerative colitis flare ups.


Consume High Fiber Diet

High fiber diet is easy to digest and removes toxins from the body. Most leafy vegetables, fruit and wholemeal breads are high fiber diets. It improves bowel regularity promoting improved health.

Use Probiotic

Organic Yogurt is a very good probiotic. The good bacteria in the probiotic counters the bad bacteria in the stomach. It has become essential for anyone with digestive problems to consume more probiotic and ulcerative colitis is no exception.

Vitamin C

Berries, spinach, parsley, citrus fruits and bell peppers are all rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C generally improves immunity and reduces fatigue. Consume more Vitamin C from non citrus sources as the citrus fruits have not been found useful in ulcerative colitis. It may aggravate ulcers.

Exercise for Ulcerative Colitis

Exercise promotes better muscular activities, therefore all internal functions including digestion improves from exercises. indulge in 45 minutes of walking daily if you can't do any other strenuous exercises. In fact we don't need to do regular strenuous exercises as most people are not into muscle building. Most people are interested in remaining healthy.

Any exercise that can keep you fit without unnecessary strain is good. Cycling , swimming, jogging or simple walk is good enough. Do some exercise it is not only good for ulcerative colitis but also good for your overall health.

Stress Reduction Techniques as Remedies

Stress plays havoc with mind, body and soul. Avoid stress but in today's highly competitive world avoiding stress has become an unfulfilled hope for most people. Therefore, the next best alternative is to learn to reduce stress.

Change your lifestyle, do regular yoga and meditation. Stress has a direct impact on the digestion. if your stomach is upset, ulcerative colitis flares up. You must begin to follow the basic rules of remaining healthy. Sleep well and on time. Eat well on time and exercise regularly. Your ulcerative colitis will not bother you.