Warm compress for cystitis

Natural Cystitis Treatment - Get Rid of Bladder inflammations

If you feel burning sensation during urination, get dark cloudy urine with strong smell and feel pain above pubic bone, lower back or pain in the abdomen, then it is more likely that you are suffering from Interstitial cystitis (IC).

Bladder inflammations or cystitis are very common and there are many home remedies which can treat most of these cases.

Cystitis is a lower urinary tract infection caused by bacteria Escherichia coli. Females are more likely to get cystitis as compared to males.

Generally, you can get rid of cystitis at home. If your infection is severe and you are forced to take antibiotics, you should still use these home remedies for faster cure.

What Causes Interstitial Cystitis

When the bacteria inside the body enters the urinary tract through the urethra and begins to multiply, it causes inflammation of the bladder walls. The most common bacteria responsible for bacterial cystitis is Escherichia coli or e.coli.

Females are more susceptible to such bacterial infection because of their lower urinary tract being very close to the female genital area where the bacteria can harbor and develop cystitis. Females can get the infection through sexual intercourse also.

In addition to the bacterial cystitis, the bladder can be inflamed due to non bacterial causes. Some causes of these inflammations falling under the category of interstitial cystitis are not yet known but they cause chronic inflammation of the bladder wall causing severe pain.

Certain drugs and radiation can also cause cystitis. Certain chemicals in the food products can also cause cystitis in some sensitive people.

Some medical conditions such as diabetes, enlarged prostate and kidney stones can also cause bladder inflammations. You need to treat these underlying conditions to get rid of cystitis.

Home Remedies for Cystitis

Following are 5 Best Home Remedies for Cystitis

1. Drink Plenty of Water


Water and other fluid intakes will increase fluid going to the bladder. This will dilute the urine. Since there is a lot of water in the bladder you will frequently go for urination and you will urinate large quantities every time. The urine will be less dark.

It is the holding back of urine that actually causes cystitis. Since you have not been drinking enough water and the urge to urinate also was curbed, you got the infection. Frequent urination reduces inflammation and pain and drinking plenty of water will force you to urinate.

Second thing the large quantity of water intake does is to flush out bacteria from the bladder. The combined effect of water in diluting urine as well as flushing out bacteria not only reduces pain due to cystitis but also cures it.

Drink a glass of water every half hour and feel relieved of the cystitis pain. You should drink 2-3 liter of water everyday during the period of cystitis.

2. Wear Loose Clothes to Increase Air Circulation

Stop wearing tight jeans, pants and other tight clothes. In place, wear loose fitting cotton dresses. Casual and relaxed dressing will help reduce external pressure on the bladder.

Bacteria multiplies in moist conditions. Tight clothing and synthetic material promotes moisture and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Wear cotton clothes such as skirts and cotton undergarments.

The combination of improved air circulation on the outer skin area of the pelvic region and drinking a lot of water will get rid of your cystitis within 2-3 days.

These are simple lifestyle changes that can bring significant improvement in your life so adopt them and make it a regular habit to avoid any future instances of cystitis.

3. Warm Compress or Hot Water Bottle

Since there is a burning sensation due to cystitis, most people avoid visiting the toilet. This increased urine concentration in the bladder further complicating the inflammation. The bladder muscles contract to empty itself. This leads to painful cramps. These bladder muscles must be relieved.

Applying heat to the bladder relieves the bladder muscles to relax them. Once the muscles are relaxed they will do their job of passing the urine and flushing the bacteria smoothly without pain.

Therefore, a combination of all the above 3 will quickly resolve your cystitis. Drink more water to dilute the urine, wear loose clothes to improve air circulation and apply heat to bladder muscle relaxation and you will quickly be able to get rid of your cystitis.

4. Asparagus

Any food item that has a natural diuretic capabilities will help reduce cystitis. Asparagus has substances called asparagine, chelidonic acid and coniferin that act as mild natural diuretic.

So if you eat asparagus and drink plenty of water, your kidneys will flush out salts and bacteria to give you relief from cystitis attack.

5. Cranberry

Cranberries have been used to treat bladder and urinary tract infections for ages. How effective it is, is still a matter of debate.

Any way Drinking cranberry juice will not hurt, so try it out in addition to all the above remedies to get rid of cystitis.

In addition to these remedies you need to observe some caution in what you eat and drink. Do not drink alcohol, caffeinated sodas and sugary drinks. Alcohol and caffeine dehydrates you and sugary drinks will promote growth of bad bacteria.

You should also maintain proper hygiene by not holding the urine back. You should release your urine as soon as you get the sensation. If the urine doesn't accumulate in the bladder and stall then the bacteria will not be able to multiply as the bacteria will be flushed out with the urine without getting a chance to multiply. This simple technique can save you from a lot of trouble.

If your symptoms don't improve with these remedies then you must consult your doctor.