dandelion as testicular pain remedy

Testicular Pain Remedies

Testicular pain and swelling is common among men of all ages. Also known as scrotal pain, the testicular pain can vary in its severity and time period. One of the most severe and excruciating pain is caused by Testicular torsion.

This requires immediate medical attention and a surgery is performed in almost all cases. Otherwise most incidences of testicular pains are low intensity. These kinds of slow and steady pain may disappear on their own.

If the regular testicular pain is not treated then it may lead to infertility, erectile dysfunction and even loss of testicle. Home Remedies can provide relief in most non severe testicular pains.

What Causes Testicular Pains?

There can be a number of underlying medical conditions responsible for your testicular pain.

One of the most common causes of testicular pain is kidney stones. Once the kidney stones are removed testicular pain automatically gets resolved. Following are some of the other causes of your scrotal pain.

  • Testicle infection ( Epididymitis)
  • Enlarged prostate
  • Inguinal hernia
  • Abscesses
  • Orchitis
  • Gangrene infections
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STD)
  • Testicular tumor
  • Testicular hemorrhage
  • Cancer
  • Varicocele
  • Trauma
  • Testicular torsion
  • Hydrocele causes swelling and pain
  • Fluids in testicles (Spermatocele)


If your testicular pain persists for more than a week then you must consult a urologist, who will physically check and conduct laboratory tests to pinpoint the real cause of the pain and resolve it.

7 Natural Ways to Relieve Testicular Pain

The following home remedies will give you relief from testicular pain and swelling.

1. Take Warm Tub Bath

Warm bath generally is very refreshing and soothing as it increases blood circulation. It is one the easiest way to relieve your testicular pain

  • Fill the bathtub with hot water which your skin can tolerate. Makes sure the water is warm enough to relieve pain but not hot enough to burn your skin.
  • Slip into the bathtub and relax.
  • Keep your head and neck out of water with the rest of the body in the hot water.
  • Your testicles will get the required heat treatment

You can also give localised heat to the scrotum area to get the same effect of improved blood circulation and pain relief.

2. Take Rest

Taking rest will give pain relief from testicular pain.

  • Lie down on your back
  • Just relax
  • Close your eyes and try to get a nap
  • Don't focus on pain
  • Stay in the position for 15-30 minutes

Do not do any strenuous activities. This is important as the strain in the lower abdomen can increase the pain.

3. Wear Athletic Supporters

It is important to protect yourself by wearing supporters particularly when you are involved in any sporting or athletic activities.

This will prevent as well as reduce your testicular pain.

Even if you are not playing or involved in any strenuous activity, wearing supporter undergarments will help.

4. Apply Ice Pack

Applying ice packs on your scrotum is a great way to alleviate testicular pain and swelling.

Ice subsides the swelling which in turn stops the pain.

Make sure that you do not use an ice pack for more than 20 minutes as it numbs the area when you use it for long. This may then be uncomfortable.

If you don't have swelling on the scrotum then you don't have to use ice for pain relief.

5. Lift Your Scrotum

Supporting your scrotum in the sleeping position will alleviate testicular pain. If the friction between your legs and testicles is avoided then you get pain relief.


6. Drink Fluids

Dehydration causes many health problems. Urinary Tract infection is one of the most common outcomes of dehydration. This in turn can cause testicular pain.

  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water
  • Drink fruit juices
  • Avoid caffeinated and sugary sodas

Anything that is good for UTI is also a good home remedy for testicular pain particularly if your pain is caused by a bacterial infection.

7. Use Natural Diuretics

Take natural diuretics which increase your urine frequency to clear the infections fast. Coupled with higher fluid intakes this is the best way to get rid of urinary infection and get relief from associated testicular pain.

You have number of options for natural diuretics including dandelion, horsetail and juniper. Use any that is easily accessible to you.

Cranberry Juice is also another powerful liquid to deal with the bacteria and flush the kidneys.So use whatever is available or easily accessible to clear UTI

Prevention, Precautions and Other Tips

All kinds of testicular pains cannot be prevented, but you can take certain steps to minimise the discomforts caused by the pain.

Some testicular pains can resolve on their own and others can be easily treated with the help of doctors.

Untreated testicular pain can cause sever damage to your body and overall health. It sometimes can also be fatal. So take following precautions.

  • Examine your testicles regularly on a monthly basis to look for lumps if any.
  • Drink lots of water and empty your bladder completely every time to avoid any urinary infections
  • Practice safe sex to avoid STD
  • Wear supporters while participating in athletic or sporting activities that may cause hurt to scrotum
  • Avoid high cholesterol food
  • Do not wear very tight undergarments, jeans and trousers

If you take these precautions and seek medical advice then you can prevent yourself from unnecessary complications of the testicular pain and get relief.