Turmeric root and powder

5 Home Remedies for Mumps Pain Relief

Mumps is a contagious viral infection that is common among the children ages between 5 and 15. Adults are also not spared although incidences are reduced as you age. Usually you get affected by mumps only once in lifetime. It is rare, but some people may get it a second time.

Mumps is a salivary gland infection impacting the parotid glands that are situated below and in front of your ears.

Your child’s throat and neck gets swelled up and it is difficult to eat or speak. Taking rest is the best treatment for mumps. You will have to have patience as it takes its own time to go.

You can use many home remedies to get pain relief from mumps. Since there is no medicine to speed up the recovery, it is important to ensure that this contagious infection is not spread to others.

Natural Remedies for Mumps Pain Relief

Following home remedies are safe and effective to relieve pain.

1. Ginger


Ginger with its antiviral and antibacterial capability is a very good home remedy for mumps pain relief. Drinking ginger tea and applying ginger paste topically are both good methods of relieving pain of mumps.

You can use dried ginger powder to make a thick paste with water. Apply it on the affected area. This paste will give instant pain relief from the inflammation.

2. Black Pepper

Black pepper is another effective home remedy for mumps and is used in a similar way as ginger.

Make a thick paste of black pepper powder and apply it on the affected area to get instant pain relief.

You can actually combine taste of Ginger powder and black pepper powder to get even better results of pain relief.

3. Garlic

Garlic is also one of the powerful natural remedies that can effectively relieve pain of mumps.

Crush a garlic clove or two to make a thick paste. Apply it on the affected area. It will give instant pain relief.

All the three items given above can initially give testing to the skin as soon as you apply. But, all three ginger, black pepper and garlic have anti inflammatory capabilities along with antibacterial and antiviral properties to provide excellent protection and pain relief.

You can use them alternatively or mix them in whichever combination and quantities as you wish to make paste. Every combination is a good home remedy for mumps pain relief.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is also an excellent home remedy for mumps. It has antibiotic antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that reduces pain and inflammation

This is also mild on the skin as compared ginger or garlic.

You can use fresh aloe vera gel or buy a commercial organic gel.

Adding turmeric powder before applying on the affected area makes it more potent to get pain relief as turmeric is also anti inflammatory along with being antibiotic.

You can drink aloe vera juice also to get relief.

5. Banyan Leaves

Banyan Leaves have very high antiinflammatory properties. It makes it an excellent remedy for mumps.

  • Wash and clean a banyan leaf
  • Boil it in water to make it tender
  • Apply warm on the affected area.
  • Use bandage to keep it on the place for an hour

Follow the process 2-3 times a day.

Diet for Mumps

Since it is very difficult to eat and swallow anything during a mumps infection it is important that a liquid is given to the patient.

Fruit juices the best starting point. You can give a combination of carrot and orange juice and diluted form.

  • Extract orange juice in an orange juicer
  • Extract carrot juice in a juicer
  • Mix them in equal quantity and add same amount of water to dilute it.
  • Store it in a sealed jar in refrigerator
  • Take one glass of this diluted mixed juice and let it warm up a little bit before you drink it.

Drinking lots of water also is very useful during this infection. Staying fully hydrated improves your immunity and helps to fight with mumps infection effectively.

After a week or so when you begin to feel better and perhaps can swallow comfortably then begin to eat fruits and vegetables.

Causes and Symptoms of Mumps

Usually viral infection of mumps spreads through the germs transmitted from coughing and sneezing of an infected person.

Since incubation period is 14-25 days before any symptoms appear, the infected patient becomes the carrier of infection and spreads without knowing.

Following are the most common symptoms of mumps

  • Swelling of salivary glands, neck, ears and the entire face
  • Sore throat
  • Difficulty in Swelling, chewing and even talking
  • Loss of appetite
  • Low level fever
  • Vomiting
  • Headache and fatigue

Other symptoms include testicle pain in the boys and girls can feel pain in the ovaries.

Since mumps infection generally happens during puberty, it is very important to treat it effectively otherwise it may cause infertility.

Bottomline is that mumps is a contagious viral infection which takes its own course to go. Your main objective is to focus and pain relief for which the above home remedies will do a very good job. Another equally important job is to ensure that the infection is not spread.