Licorice for low blood pressure

Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure

Optimal Blood pressure reading in healthy people is 120/80(Systolic/Diastolic). Any reading below 96/90 is considered low blood pressure or hypotension. Lower blood pressure reduces blood circulation to the brain, kidneys and heart.

Generally there are no symptoms of low or high blood pressure until it reaches extremes. Low blood pressure can cause dizziness and fainting. You can feel fatigue, breathing difficulties, nausea and palpitations. Your vision can become blurred and your skin will feel cool.

Dehydration is one of the main causes of low blood pressure. It is pretty clear that you get rid of dehydration with the help of drinking more water and other home remedies and your low blood pressure will get back to normal soon.

However, the reduction in blood pressure due to certain underlying conditions such as endocrine disorders, heart problems and neurological conditions may require additional medical attention.


Certain medicines such as antidepressants, diuretics, alpha and beta blockers etc can also cause low blood pressure that requires regular monitoring and your doctor can change these medications if possible.

Pregnancy and/ or malnutrition can also cause low blood pressure, and improving nutritional conditions can bring back the blood pressure to normalcy.

Sometimes overall blood volumes in the body can reduce due to injury, blood donation or other reasons that can cause low blood pressure. In such cases immediate attention is required to replenish the lost blood.

Irrespective of what ever may the cause of your low blood pressure following home remedies for low blood pressure and lifestyle change should help you to get back to normal levels.

1. Drink More Water

Most of us and particularly those living in the air conditioned environment usually are dehydrated. This chronic dehydration can cause many complications including low blood pressure. So drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.

If you drink alcohol then it is an additional factor for dehydration. Even a moderate amount of alcohol can cause dehydration. Give up alcohol completely. Drinking water increases blood volumes to help restore normal blood pressure.

Avid coffee and caffeinated drinks which can temporarily bring back the blood pressure to normal levels instantly but they can cause other complications.

2. Eat Healthy Smaller Portion of Food More Often

You need to eat healthy as malnutrition causes low blood pressure. In addition when you eat heavy foods the blood pressure may sharply drops after meals. Eating smaller portions of healthy meals several times a day can solve this problem. Limit your high carbs food consumption. Avoid potatoes, pasta, rice and bread or minimize their consumption.

Eat a balanced diet inclusive of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish. Avoid red meat. Occasionally you can have chicken.You may have to increase your salt intake.


3. Make Slow Movement - No Jerks

When you get up from sleeping or sitting position, rise slowly. This will help you to avoid dizziness that occurs due to low blood pressure.

As soon as you wake up and take a few deep breaths. Slowly raise your head get into seating position and then slowly get out of the bed into standing position.

Waking up and getting up with jerks can make you dizzy.

If you are sitting in a posture of a long periods then the blood circulation to the upper body is restricted causing low blood pressure. Move your legs, squeeze them in the cross leg position to make the blood rise to upper body.

4. Raisins

Raisins are considered good to increase lower blood pressure. Eat 2 tablespoons of raisins daily to keep your lower blood pressure under control. Consuming too much raisins can impact your sugar levels.

5. Licorice Roots

Licorice is an herbal solution to your hypotension. It supports better adrenal functioning and increase blood pressure.

You can take take liquorice in tablet, capsule or tincture form. Since licorice increase blood pressure it is important that you take your daily doses prescribed by a doctor who can monitor your blood pressure from time to time. Otherwise trying to solve your low blood pressure can lead to another problem of high blood pressure.