Drink lots of water for heatstroke

Home Remedies for Heat Stroke: First Aid

Heatstroke is usually caused in the hot summer months by over exposure to the sun or by excessive physical activity in hot weather conditions.

It is also known as sinasis or sunstroke. In the event of a heatstroke body’s protective mechanism fails to handle excessive heat and your body temperature elevates leading to dehydration, hot and dry skin, convulsions, mental confusion and unconsciousness.

It can be a life threatening condition so you should seek emergency medical help. While waiting for help to arrive, you can use home remedies as first aid for sunstroke.During the overexposure to sun you begin to lose water and essential minerals from your body.

This dehydration puts body’s temperature regulating system in disarray. Your temperature can rise above 40 degree Celsius, muscle pain, high pulse rate and fast breathing are the early signs when you can do something to prevent a heat stroke.

Under such conditions if you splash some water on your face as well as drinking water to prevent a major heat stroke.


All heat strokes don’t come with warning. You may just fall unconscious before you even realize that you are having sunstroke. If you are dehydrated even simple continued walk under the sun can give you heat stroke.

On the other hand, strenuous physical activities in a direct sun exposure can cause heat stroke .

First Aid Natural Remedies for Sunstroke

Whatever is the cause, if you begin to notice the symptoms of heat stroke, then do the following before it is too late and becomes medical emergency. Even if you see someone else with a heat stroke condition you can help him/her. Every clicking second of time is precious and your quick action will save you from a lot of trouble.

1. Move to A shaded Area

Moving immediately to nearby shaded area will immediately reduce sun exposure and give you some temporary relief from the sun. The heatstroke will not progress and you will be able to do the following other required activity to further retard the progression.

2. Blow Air

If you have access to a fan then blowing air on your body will certainly help to reduce your raised body temperature. Otherwise you can take a thick sheet of paper, folded newspaper or even a cloth to blow air manually by your hand movements.

You may ask other people if they are around you to blow air on you with whatever crude implement then can have access to.

3. Wrap with Damp Cloth

Pour a bucket of water on yourself. Your damp cloth will absorb your body heat. Take a shower, get inside a pool. Exposure of water on your body in any possible manner will immediately have a required soothing impact.

Your dried skin will rejuvenate and the body’s temperature control mechanism will begin to function normal.

4. Get into Air-conditioned Area

If you are close to your car or have access to any other car even by asking for help, get inside and turn on the air conditioner. If you are near a hotel or a house get inside the air conditioned area to prevent a full blown heat stroke.

5. Drink Water with Salt to Rehydrate

Since you are dehydrated, drinking water is the most important thing to do. Add some salt to the water, mix it and drink it. The salt will partially recover lost minerals. If you have access to sports drink then just have it. Replenishing the lost minerals and water will bring you back to normal quickly from a potentially life threatening heat stroke progression.

Hopefully by this time your emergency medical help would have arrived.

Never take heat stroke lightly. Read the early warning signs and act fast and save your life.