Yogurt for gluten intolerance

Home Remedies for Gluten Intolerance

What do you do when your main food element begins to give you allergic reaction? Wheat containing gluten is an integral part of our daily life and when it become the cause of sensitivity and your illness, your taste buds are forced to face a highly disciplined life ahead.

What is an intolerance to gluten?

Gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye, can cause allergic reaction after ingesting. The condition is called gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance is a condition that causes a person to react after ingesting. Your symptoms can vary widely ranging from gastrointestinal problems, joint pain, fatigue to depression. There is no need to worry as there are simple home remedies for gluten intolerance which can make your life easy and comfortable.

What is Celiac Disease and Its Relationship with Gluten Intolerance?

Celiac disease is a more specific type of gluten intolerance. Gliadin - a gluten protein found in wheat, barley, rye can cause inflammation and destruction of the inner lining of the small intestine. The condition is called celiac disease.

What does it mean if you are gluten intolerant?


If you have gluten intolerance , eating foods containing gluten will result in symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence, diarrhea, headaches , depression.

How do you know if something is gluten free?

Your grocery shopping needs to be carefully done. Looking for gluten free food is important for you. Most food labels, these days indicate if they are gluten free. However, if the label is not very specific about gluten content then you look at the ingredients and if you do not find wheat, barley, rye, oats, malt, and brewer’s yeast on the list then you should be comfortable to know that the food item is gluten free.

Is Oats gluten free?

There is a lot of confusion about oats. Is it gluten-free or not?

Well, pure oats are gluten free. However, processed oats which usually is manufactured in the same place where wheat and other food products are, therefore it gets contaminated. Therefore, it is safe to avoid processed oats.

Oats with a "gluten free" label means the oats has been processed without contamination of gluten containing products. This kind of oats is safe for you.

Is there a blood test for gluten sensitivity?

There are many tests that can detect celiac disease. Tissue Transglutaminase Antibodies (tTG-IgA) – The tTG-IgA test is widely used and is about 98% accurate in identifying people with celiac disease.

A negative result in the above test or any other celiac disease test doesn't mean that you are gluten tolerant. It simply means you do not have celiac disease. Check with your doctor who will recommend a series of tests to find gluten intolerance. However, you can yourself also find out by eliminating gluten good items. If your symptoms are improved then you can be suspicious that you have gluten intolerance. It still should be confirmed with medical test.

You now know whether you have gluten intolerance or not. If you have it then let us look at some of the lifestyle changes and home remedies that can make you life more comfortable.

3 Home Remedies for Gluten Intolerance

Some of the obvious changes you have to make is avoid using gluten containing foods.

1. Stop Eating Gluten Containing Food Items

No more wheat, barley, rye or malt products. You like it or not just learn to live without them. Make sure that when you go to buy in the super markets, you look for "Gluten Free" labels or look at the list of ingredients and ensure that these products are not on the list.

Tell your hosts about your gluten intolerance. They will take care of you by serving you with gluten free food.

2. Eat Gluten Free Diet

Life is not over if you can't eat wheat. There are so many other grains that are gluten free and more healthy. Cheers! You can eat quinoa, buckwheat, arrowroot, millet, potatoes and rice. The list is much bigger.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. You are in for a healthy lifestyle although by force. Enjoy a healthy diet and lifestyle.

3. Probiotics

Eat lots of probiotic yogurt. 250gm of probiotic yogurt is necessary for you.

With all the above healthy alternative, you should be happy that you are leading a healthy lifestyle as compared to many others who do not have gluten intolerance.