Edema leg swealing

7 Home Remedies for Edema

Edema generally occur in hands, legs and feet, but it can occur on any other part of the body. Edema is a condition in which fluid is accumulated in the body tissues. Accumulation of fluid causes swelling of the body part.

edema home remedies

Edema is not a harmful condition but it is very uncomfortable. You may feel and see that your leg or arm is swelled as compared to other leg or hand. In some cases both hands and or both legs get swelled.

Initial stages of almost all edema can be cured with home remedies. Following steps should help you to get rid of your edema.

A doctor's visit should help you in case the home remedies for edema do not seem to work in your case or or working less effectively.



Massage helps in reducing swelling. Do a gentle massage pushing the strokes towards the heart. So if you have edema in one or both of your leg, then massage strokes should be unidirectional from the leg towards the heart alone. Do not stroke towards your leg.

The best way is to get a massage through an expert who understands edema massage very well. In most cases massage alone can reduce swelling.


Raise your legs for some time during many times daily. This gravitational activity will help blood to flow back towards the heart and reduce swelling.


Physical movement improves circulation. Yoga exercises and postures will help to reduce edema. All yoga postures which requires lifting the legs or hands will help.


Swimming or just floating in water for a long period helps reduce swelling from ankles and feet.


Compression gear helps reduce edema. Get compression stockings which come in different lengths. This is particularly helpful when one leg is swollen and the other is not. You may have to wear them and remove them after every couple of hours to ensure that you don't get cramps.

Salt Reduction

Salt encourages fluid retention in the body. Reduce your salt intake. The sea salt we consume has high sodium levels which are absolutely not required by the body. If you eat a balanced diet then you will get the required sodium from fruits and vegetables.

Salt reduction can also be achieved by drinking more fluids. This dilutes the salt content in the blood. Enjoy drinking water every hour. Drinking fruit and vegetable juices. All these fluids will reduce your edema.

Magnesium Supplement

While sodium increases fluid retention magnesium improves circulation., so increase magnesium consumption. Take supplements under the supervision of a doctor to reduce the swelling caused by your edema.