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Belching in most cases is more of a nuisance rather than a serious medical condition. It is the consequence of what you drink and eat, therefore the remedies largely depend on avoiding certain foods and drinks. Of course there are many food items that will help to get rid of belching.

Natural Belching Remedies

When your stomach is full of air that wants release, it finds its way through the food pipe back to the mouth and out. It causes a loud noise while exiting the mouth. This certainly is not harmful but very embarrassing.

You certainly don't want to become the center of attention for the wrong reasons. In fact, you can do a lot to save yourself from getting into such a situation by taking certain precautions to prevent it.

Ways to Prevent Belching


First consider the following ways, you can make your body comfortable so that it doesn't store the air that is causing belching.

  • Wear loose clothes - If you wear tight jeans or pants, then your stomach gets pressed to release gases particularly if you have over eaten or eaten the items that usually are responsible for belching. (They are listed separately)
  • Eat Slowly - Don't be in a hurry while eating. In fact you should focus on eating while eating. Don't think of your troubles and keep gulping the food. Chew it and eat slowly. Make sure that you close your mouth and eat.
  • Drink without a straw - Straw forces you to take air in. Drink your favorite drinks directly from the glass or bottle.

Now let's look at what kinds of food and drinks should be avoided to reduce probabilities of belching. All foods and drinks eaten in large quantities and fast can force you to burp. Assuming that you have not overeaten, avoid the following foods and drinks.

  • Say no to all fizzy drinks - sodas and all sorts of other carbonated drinks are responsible to store air in the stomach. Just avoid them. For some people this may be a big lifestyle change as they simply can't live without the junk fast food and fizzy drinks. Bad news... Just stop carbonated drinks. Sparkling water and wines are out for you.
  • Drink your Coffee Cold - Hot beverages will force a lot of air in the body. So let them cool down to acceptable temperatures and drink slowly by enjoying every sip without worrying about burning your tongue.
  • Stop Smoking - Smoking is bad for health. It causes cancer in the long term, but everyday it causes belching and smell. Stop smoking.

So basally, it is all about swallowing less air to prevent belching. Do everything possible to ensure your unwanted air intake through the food pipe is reduced to a minimum.

Simple and Effective Remedies for Belching

So you have done everything possible to swallow more air. You ate more than required or ate junk, smoked and enjoyed your fizzy drinks and now want to stop belching. OK, then following is some help at hand.

1. Fennel Seed - Chew half a teaspoon of Fennel seed after food. Chew them slowly. This will subside the air from escaping through the food pipe.

2. Chamomile Tea - The soothing and calming chamomile tea doe the same thing. Drink it 3-4 times a day when you are likely to suffer from belching.

3. Ginger Tea - Excellent drink for lots of digestive problems. Boil shaded piece of ginger ( about one inch size) in a pot for 5 minutes. Strain cool and drink.

In case of belching it is so true that prevention is much better than cure. Hope you stop belching with these precautions and remedies. If not then visit your doctor. Chronic belching requires medical attention.