7 Headache Remedies for Fast Pain Relief

Headache is my biggest headache! That is how most chronic sufferers feel. There are two most commonly occurring types of chronic headaches

One is migraine which causes throbbing or aching pain on one side of the head and the other is tension headache which causes throbbing forehead pain and a dull pain on both sides of the head.

All Chronic Headaches can be Better Managed by Home Remedies than by Taking Painkillers

There are many triggers for chronic headache ranging from food to stress and hormones to weather changes but these triggers of headaches will hurt you only if you are genetically disposed.

Most people take pain killers to stop headache which work initially. Then chronic headache sufferers develop tolerance to these pain killers, so they take more painkillers.

Ultimately they reach a point where not taking medicine can trigger headaches. The phenomenon is called rebound headaches of which millions suffer around the globe.

So, before you reach out to over the counter painkillers think again. Shift to the following home remedies for headache.

Picture of 5 Home Remedies for headache

Genetic chronic headaches are caused by a deficiency of a brain chemical called serotonin. The deficiency changes the physiology of blood vessels, pain receptors and other elements in the brain to produce headache.

1-Ice for Relieving Headache

Anything that is ice cold can do the job. Ice cubes wrapped in cotton, a reusable ice bag, or a pack of frozen food items can be used to relieve pain.

  • Wrap an ice cube (or any other cold object) in a paper towel or thin cloth to protect your skin
  • Place it on the pain area
  • Ensure that you don’t keep it continuously for more than 15 minutes to avoid any damage to skin.

What this does, is that the ice reduces the swell on the blood vessels. This in turn reduces pressure on the nerves that activates the pain receptor. Once the pressure on the nerve reduces, the headache stops.

You should apply ice in the early stages of your migraine. This will not only give you faster pain relief but will provide you more comprehensive headache control.

Picture of Home Remedies for Headache Ice

2-Pippermint, Lavender or Chamomile oil for Tension Headache

Once again the objective here to relax blood vessels. You can do it by either direct external application on the affected area or by inhaling with steam.

Peppermint, Lavender and Chamomile essential oils are all good for reducing tension headaches.

  • Add one drop of any one of the above essential oils in two drops of almond, olive or any other carrier oil
  • Mix it well and rub it on the affected area.

You can sprinkle a drop of any of the above essential oil in a tissue and then inhale the fragrance many times until the smell stops.

You can also add 3 drops of one of these oils in warm bath to get the same relief of tension headache.

If you can go the extra mile by doing a little extra work of inhaling steam, then you will get even better results. Boil the water for inhaling the steam and add 3 drops of one of the essential oil. Inhale the steam in the normal way as you generally do by placing your head above the steam and wrapping your head and the pot to stop steam to escape into the atmosphere.

Headaches of different types can be eliminated with diet as remedy in most cases. That is why in addition to applying ice etc, it is important to focus on what you eat and what you don't to get rid of your headache completely.

Picture of Home Remedies for Headache Fruits and Vegetables

3-Eat Foods Rich in Vitamin B6


Vitamin B-6 is a water soluble vitamin with chemical composition including pyridoxine, pyridoxal, pyridoxamine. Vitamin B6 is necessary for many bodily functions including the proper maintenance of red blood cell metabolism, the nervous system and the immune system.

It stabilizes serotonin deficiency of which causes headaches. Nuts and fish contain high Vitamin B6.

Sunflower seeds and Pistachio nuts are the highest carrier of Vitamin B6. So, at the onset of headaches munch a handful of pistachio nuts. Chew each nut individually 30-40 times in your mouth before gulping down your throat with saliva.

Also ensure Vitamin B6 rich food in your daily diet. A good mix of nuts, fish, vegetables and meat will provide you the balance.

Also there is no harm in taking Vitamin B6 tablets as a daily supplement.

4-Ginger Tea

Ginger is a wonder herb. It cures many conditions and diseases. Ginger Tea is very comforting for the tension headache, particularly for those whose life is on fire. Daily stresses of any times may consume your tranquility. Ginger does restore that.

  • Grate on teaspoon of fresh clean ginger
  • Add it to two liter of water and boil it to make ginger tea.
  • Let the tea cool down a bit to palatable level.
  • Fill it in a thermos and sip it throughout the day.

Ginger tea works on your nerves to distress them

5-Fiber and Water to Stop Headaches triggered by Constipation

Constipation is a very big trigger for chronic headache. Eating a balanced diet rich in fiber is the solution. If you eat right food and drink enough water then you will be relieved of constipation which ultimately helps you get rid of your headache.

If you are someone who suffers constipation often then control your constipation effectively and you can kiss goodbye to your chronic headache.

Follow a vegetarian diet that includes 5-6 servings a day of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and grains and plenty of water.

Food has a significant impact on the well being of every human being. Avoid foods containing tyramine as it has a strong correlation with headache. Many meat products, poultry, fish and certain cheese products contain the said chemical. That is why either you move to a vegetarian diet or you stop eating food items by elimination process which you find causing headache after eating.

If none of these remedies cure your headache, then you need to check with your doctor. there may be other underlying reasons for your headache, which may require different types of treatment.