Person feeling breast pain

5 Home Remedies for Breast Pain

Hormones play havoc during menstruation and pregnancy in a woman’s life. Breast pain (Mastalgia) or tenderness (Mastodynia) are such outcome.

Breast pain affects 50 to 70 percent of women. It involves swelling in breasts, sore and heaviness and pain. It can be constant or intermittent and intensity ranges from mild to severe.

Breast pain is caused by fluid retention due to an imbalance of progesterone and estrogen hormones. You can reduce breast pain at home with self-care and home remedies. It requires some dietary changes and pain relief measures.

Other causes of breast pain include use of certain medication, extra-large breasts and size and fitting of the bra. Breastfeeding can also cause pain.


If the breast pain is due to cysts, trauma or surgery then medical attention will be required.

Most normal cases of breast pain during menstruation and pregnancy can be dealt with the following measures.

1.Apply Cold Compress

10 minutes of cold compress on each breast with ice or ice packs will significantly reduce the pain. In fact you will feel great relief.

Wrap a cup full of ice cubes in a cotton cloth or a towel and gently apply on each breast. If ice is not readily available then pick up a sealed pack of frozen vegetables and use it.

The objective is to keep the cold pack on the breast and slowly move it from the center of the chest towards the armpits on both sides.

2. Improve Blood Circulation

Improved blood circulation in the breast will reduce fluid retention. A gentle massage by your palms will do the job.

Keep you palm on your breast and move it from the center of the chest towards the armpits. This aids drainage of the clear fluid from the lymph that fights infection.

You can do the massage by using coconut oil while sleeping on your bed. There is even better way to do the massage without investing special time for it.

Do it during the shower. You are indirectly massaging your body with water and your hands while taking shower. Focus on your breasts and do it after applying soap. Make sure that your massage strokes originate from the middle of the chest and move outwards towards armpits.

3. Change your Bra

Your tender breast during menstruation needs support to reduce pain. Any free movement of breast will increase pain. A loose bra will not be able to support the breast movements. Use a bra that fits well, doesn’t pinch and provide support.

This will motivate to throw your old bra and buy a new one, if you have been procrastinating.

4. Change your Diet

Fiber rich food excretes more estrogen in women that help reduce tenderness in the breast.

Eat plenty of fiber which is available in fruits and vegetables. Reduce your fat content if you have developed the habit of eating fatty foods. If you can reduce hydrogenated oils and margarine, packaged baked goods and snack products, then you will do a lot of good to your body not alone reducing breast pain.

Eat more Soy products and Tofu which contain phytoestrogens. This compound improves the hormonal balance reducing tenderness and breast pain.

Make sure that your sodium intake is reduced. Salt which contains sodium increases fluid retention, which is one of the main causes of breast pain. Cut down on your salt intake. It will help you to maintain your blood pressure levels in the normal range as well as reduce the breast tenderness.

5. Take Natural Diuretics

The basic objective is to reduce fluid retention during the menstruation cycle, so that breast pain is reduced.

Make a tea of Dandelion powder and drink it 2-3 times a day. Add a tablespoon of dandelion powder in a glass of water and simmer it for 10-15 minutes. Let it cool down to an acceptable drinkable temperature and sip slowly.

Other remedies to reduce breast pain include vitamin supplements and use of evening primrose oil to ease breast pain, but you may need it if you have taken care of the 5 points mentioned above.