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Athlete's Foot Home Remedies

A fungus called Tinea Pedis is responsible for athlete's foot condition. The skin of the foot becomes flaky and itchy. The fungus attacks skin, toe nails and hair.

In most cases tines stays between the toes but it also affects sole and sides of the feet where skin first gets reddened then cracks and become scaly and itchy.

Locker rooms of sports club are usually infected with Tinea pedis Which grows in warm and moist conditions. The confined space of your foot inside the shoe provides ideal conditions for the fungus to grow.

There are Many home remedies for Athlete's foot which can arrest the growth of Tinea and kill it.

First Steps

It makes complete sense to create an environment where Tinea can't survive. Start with washing your feet and make them completely dry.

You can even use a hair dryer blower to ensure that cavities between toes is completely dry. Don't wear shoes if it is not absolutely necessary. Let your feet remain exposed. You can wear flip flops.


If you wear shoes then wear a washed pair of cotton sox which absorbs moisture better than synthetic material. Even the material shoes matter to get rid of athlete's foot.

Wear canvas or leather shoes. Keep 3-4 pairs of shoes so that you can change shoes at least twice a day, particularly if you sweat a lot.

Disinfect your shoes daily with anti fungal powder. This is very important as the shoes remain moist and warm even after you have removed them from your feet and kept them in the shoe rack.

Natural Remedies to Keep Your Feet Dry and Reduce Itching

Once you have taken care to stop spreading the fungus, it becomes easy to get rid of athlete's foot fast. Here are a number of remedies that can be used. Some of them are readily available in you kitchen.

1. Baking Soda

Baking soda will reduce the itch and remove the skin flakes from athlete's foot. You just need to make a thick paste of baking soda in water and rub it gently on the entire affected area. Make sure that all cavities between the toes are covered with baking soda paste.

Take a tablespoon of baking soda in a bowel. Add a little water to mix it well to make a thick paste. This should be enough quantity for one time application on both the feet.

After 5 minutes wash the feet and clean them dry By dragging with a cotton towel. Do this twice a day.

2. Plain Yogurt

Good bacteria in yogurt fights with the fungus effectively to remove athlete condition. Use plain organic yogurt only. Added flavors and sugar can reduce the impact of acidophilus bacteria of yogurt.

Simply dab the yogurt directly On the affected area of one athlete's foot and then on the other. Keep it there for 10 minutes and then rinse it with warm water.

Dry your feet with cotton towel. Do it twice a day until you are completely cured of you athlete foot.

3. Vinegar Soak

Soak your feet in diluted white vinegar or Apple cider vinegar. Both will do an equally good job of curing athlete's foot. You can take a small tub which can accommodate your both feet.

A 10-20 percent dilution of vinegar in water is required. So depending on the size of the tub add measured qualities of vinegar and water. Soak your feet in vinegar water for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and clean your feet dry.

You can soak your feet in salt water in the same way. There are many other ways to treat athlete's foot but the above 3 methods are simple and produced quick results.