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How to Stop Explosive Diarrhea

After enjoying a nice food at a restaurant, all you want is a feeling of deep satisfaction. But, once in a while you may end up with visiting the toilet frequently. You perhaps have got explosive diarrhea also termed as acute diarrhea due to food poisoning.

Explosive diarrhea is not only just a serious discomfort, but also is extremely embarrassing. It can be as horrible as it sounds. Any of the reasons ranging from Food poisoning to gluten allergy to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can cause explosive diarrhea. It can also be caused by excess alcohol consumption, eating contaminated food or water and emotional stress.


Even if you don't do much to stop Explosive Diarrhea, it generally goes away on its own within a day or two. But, those two days can sap away all your energy and fun.

Explosive diarrhea must be taken seriously. It dehydrates you almost completely, which means your body lacks the fluid and electrolytes to function. This is serious as the condition can kill you within hours or days.

Steps to Control Explosive Diarrhea

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You are forced to visit the toilet to relieve yourself, but other than being forced you have to take certain conscious steps to ensure avoiding risks of falling helpless victim to it.

Step 1. Rehydrate

First of all you need to rehydrate yourself with electrolytes to ensure resumption of the lost minerals and water. Add 1 teaspoon lemon juice and a little rock salt to a liter of water. Add a little sugar for taste. This homemade electrolyte is good due to the presence of potassium and other minerals in the rock salt. Other wise sports drinks and OTC electrolyte powders can also be used.

Step2. Eliminate Gluten and Milk

Then eliminate gluten (wheat) and lactose (milk products) from your diet and watch the symptoms for a couple of days. If this works out then you have found the cause of the explosive diarrhea after eating food.

Other Remedies to Stop Explosive Diarrhea

1. Banana

Banana which is high in potassium helps soothing the condition. Eat more fruits and vegetables and reduce high fiber diet to avoid bloating and gas formation. Drink a lot of water and green vegetables and green fruit juices.

2. Garlic

Garlic is another ingredient that will help in fighting with the bacteria in the gut. In order to handle ulcerative colitis if any, take slippery elm with a lot of water can coat the colon, and treat it.


3. Probiotic

Yogurt can be your best bet to curtail the duration of suffering from explosive diarrhea. Yogurt contain Probiotics, a kind of friendly good bacteria. These friendly bacteria can fight with the bad bacteria and clean them up from the intestine. Numerous hospital studies have confirmed that by taking probiotics, the hospital stay is reduced./p>

4. Cut your Risks of Explosive Diarrhea

Contaminated water can be one of the biggest causes of explosive bacteria. If you are on vacation or traveling otherwise to unknown places, keep your own mineral water bottle with you. Drink your safe water always. Don't drink any other water. This will reduce your risks of acquiring explosive diarrhea significantly if you are traveling to a developing country where water can be contaminated.

Eat cautiously. Water is used to cook food. if water is contaminated and other hygienic conditions are compromised in a place, then don't eat out. Stick to home made food or fruits. Buy energy bars from a hypermarket or eat anything safe, but don't eat out if you suspect unhygienic conditions.

Certain medications taken for other ailments can cause explosive diarrhea. You may have to stop these medication under doctors supervision.

5. Drink Plenty of Water

Not only drink your own water but drink plenty of water. A fully hydrated body has stronger immune system. Here you are not only replenishing the lost fluids but ensuring that the body fluids remain in check.

Most natural remedies are a good starting point to control and cure explosive diarrhea. Unlike most of the prescribed medication they don't have any severe side effects. If natural remedies don't solve the explosive diarrhea with in a week then you must consult a doctor. It may be one of the other inflammatory bowel diseases that require proper medical treatment.

The symptoms of IBS can also be confused with many other types of diarrhea, therefore proper diagnosis is sometimes very difficult. Most of the test requires elaborate invasive procedures and exposure to radioactivity.

So whatever it is, explosive diarrhea, IBS or any other condition, you must make sure that you don't remain dehydrated otherwise it can be life threatening. Contact your doctor if not comfortable.