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7 Papaya Seeds Health Benefits

Papaya is a nutritional fruit, but many people are completely unaware of the benefits of papaya seeds. That is why most of us throw away the seeds and simply eat the pulp.

The nutrients in papaya seeds have the capabilities of healing disorders in stomach, liver and kidneys. Due to their anti-inflammatory capabilities these seeds give relief to arthritis pain also.

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7 Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds

So, next time you eat papaya don't throw away the seeds. There are a number of different ways in which you can use the papaya seeds. One of the easiest way is to take a scoop and eat to get papaya seeds benefits as described under:

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1. Heal Liver Cirrhosis

Liver cirrhosis is generally caused by alcoholism, but viral hepatitis B and hepatitis C and also fatty liver disease. Scarring occurs to the liver in cirrhosis which is almost irreversible.

Papaya seeds have shown some improvements in liver cirrhosis. If you decide to consume papaya seeds for liver cirrhosis then you must keep your doctor in the loop. Papain in papaya can interfere with the medicines so your doctor will be able to monitor.

2. Treat Worms and Parasites

In addition to the papain, the papaya seeds also contain an anthelmintic alkaloid called carpaine which keels worms and parasites in the guts.


Green papaya has a high concentration of papain and is used in the form of capsules to kill parasites. But the papaya seeds have double impact due to carpaine and papain contents.

3. Act as Natural Contraceptive

Papaya seeds work well on both men and women from the contraceptive point of view. It reduces sperm production in men.Asian women have been using green papaya and papaya seeds as natural contraceptive to prevent pregnancy.

4. Improve Digestion

Papain in papaya and papaya seeds helps to break down proteins to get easily digested.

5. Stop Cancer Growth

Papaya Seeds contain isothiocyanate which fight different kinds of cancer cells. It is helpful in dealing with prostate, colon, breast, lung cancers and leukemia. .

6. Relieve Joint Pains

Papaya seeds have anti-inflammatory compounds that help to get arthritis pain relief and other joint pain relief .


7. Prevent Infections

Papaya Seeds can kill different types of bacteria including E. Coli, Staph, and Salmonella. It also helps you to get fast relief from food poisoning.It also prevents viral infections.

Precautions with Papaya Seeds

If you are a pregnant or breastfeeding woman then do not eat papaya seeds as the enzymes will interfere with the hormones During those crucial periods.

Since papaya seeds have very strong anti parasite capabilities, do not give to children below 10. It may cause diarrhea.

In case you are preparing to add a child to your family, then men should avoid eating papaya seeds. The seeds impact your libido temporarily which can make pregnancy difficult. Even for women it acts as contraceptive.

The impact on reduction in semen production is temporary and once you stop eating papaya seeds, you can be back to normal productive cycle.

How to Eat Papaya Seeds?

Taste of papaya is like black pepper - a little bitter. It takes time to develop the taste. Smaller papaya have less bitter seeds. You can start with these seeds and gradually migrate to big papaya seeds.

Chew 1 or 2 seeds on day 1 as your taste buds may not be very happy initially. Once you are able to start then gradually increase the quantities, until you reach a tablespoon full of seeds.

You need to eat one teaspoon full of papaya seeds to get the desired health benefits.

Other methods involve crushing the seeds with mortar and pestle and adding the paste to other food items.

You can even dry the papaya seeds in the sun and crush them in a grinder to make the powder. Store the dried powder in a sealed jar.

If you are using the papaya seeds in any form to kill the parasites in the guts then you can add one teaspoon of honey to one tablespoon of papaya seeds and eat. It will reduce the bitterness of the seeds and honey will add the strength to kill parasites.