health benefits of lemongrass

Health Benefits of Lemongrass

Lemongrass is an Asian origin perennial plant which can be easily grown in your garden or indoors in a pot. It requires sun exposure, rich soil and plenty of water to grow.

It is widely used in culinary and medicinal purposes. It's extract lemongrass oil, which is used in killing germs, also acts as a mild astringent.

Lemongrass has a fragrance of lemon with mild and sweet taste. It is used widely in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries to add flavour to food.

Lemongrass tea is one of the healthiest tea as it does not have caffeine and tannins. That is why uses of lemongrass tea and other herbal trees are increasing worldwide. Most herbal teas such as lemongrass tea are prepared from boiling the leaves, petals, barks or stems of herbal plants.

9 Health Benefits of Lemongrass

lemongrass health benefits infographic

Lemongrass is full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and offers multiple health benefits. 9 of the most prominents are listed below.

1. Stops Headache

2. Lowers High Blood Pressure

3. Reduces Intestinal Spasm

4. Treats Stomach Ache

5. Prevents Convulsions

6. Controls Fever

7. Kills Pain (Natural Pain Killer)

8. Refreshes from Exhaustion

9. Treats Common Cold

Other Tips and Precautions

Lemongrass is generally safe in consuming both as eating raw leaves and drinking as herbal tea.

There is not enough information about safety of lemongrass but some incidences have been reported which you should be aware of.

  • Causes lung problems in some cases of inhaling lemongrass vapours
  • Can be fatal if lemongrass based insecticides are consumed
  • Can cause miscarriage in pregnant women as it increases menstrual flow

Keeping the above aspect in mind used lemongrass as it is a very healthy herb.