Green Tea

8 Health Benefits of Grean Tea

You might have heard from various different sources that green tea is a very healthy drink. Yes, there are so many health benefits of green tea that you simply can't ignore this drink.

It helps in weight reduction, improves heart diseases, saves you from cancer, reduces weight, improves memory and offers scores of other benefits.

At the same time you have to understand that it contains tannins which reduces absorption of iron and folic acid, therefore if you are pregnant or planning to conceive then you should avoid it until birth of your child.

Except for the above reason green tea is one drink that should become part of your life if you consider the following benefits worthwhile.

But first, let us look at how to prepare and drink green Tea.


Best Way to Brew Green Tea

In order to get the most nutritional value as well as to get the best aroma, you must ensure that you brew the green tea appropriately.

  1. Boil fresh water in a pot until you see the bubbles.
  2. Take out the pot from the heat and let it cool a bit.
  3. Put a green tea bag at the bottom of an empty cup. If you prefer strong tea then put tea bags.
  4. Pour the prepared hot water on the teabags in the cup. Fill the cut a little more than 3/4 with the water.
  5. Wait for 2 minutes. Stir it with the tea bag well and sip the tea.

Do not add milk. It partially neutralizes the impact of nutrients in the Tea.

Now let us look at the multiple benefits of drinking green tea

11 Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea Regularly

Since drinking green tea offers a range of health benefits, you will find some if the following to keep you motivated to drink green tea daily.

1. Green Tea Helps to Reduce Belly Fat and overall Weight

Green tea has been found to boost metabolism and reduce abdominal fat.

Scientific studies have shown mixed results. Some studies have shown significant loss if abdominal fat and circumference of the waist but other studies have not shown any significant loss of weight.

Therefore, to reduce Weight you need to drink green tea as well as take other measures to reduce weight.

2. Green Tea Helps to Reduce Risks of Certain Cancers

The antioxidant properties of green tea stops the oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Cancer has become one of the leading causes of mortality. Anything that reduces risks of getting cancer should be seriously considered for adaptations. Some studies have shown reductions in breast Cancers, prostate cancer and colorectal cancers.

3. Green Tea Is Good for Heart Health

Like cancer cardiovascular diseases such as heart diseases and strokes are leading causes of deaths worldwide. Drinking green tea regularly reduces the bad cholesterol LDL in the blood. Oxidation of LDL is responsible for artery hardening, high blood pressure which leads to heart diseases and stroke. Antioxidants in green tea do not allow oxidation of LDL. Thus you reduce risks of heart disease and stroke by drinking green tea.


4. Green Tea Helps to Prevent Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 is on the rise around the world due to modern lifestyle and unhealthy fast food intake. Studies have found that green tea drinkers reduce their risks of getting diabetes type 2 as compared to the non drinkers. It reduces blood sugar levels and insulin resistance to combat diabetes.

5. Green Tea Reduces Risks of Infections

Green tea possesses anti-bacterial and antiviral capabilities. A compound called catechins in green tea has been found by researchers to fight dental bacteria. This not only reduces bad breath but also improves your overall dental health.

6. Green Tea Improves Memory Reduce Dementia and Prevents Alzheimer's

Green tea has been found to improve working memory. This finding is significant as it opens up treatment of dementia. The symptoms associated with dementia show a decline in memory and thinking skills to reduce to such a severe extent that the person can't perform day to day activities everyday. Many other studies have also shown that green tea reduces the risks of Alzheimer's disease.

7. Green Tea improves Brain Function and Alertness

Unlike coffee which also contains caffeine, it contains much less caffeine. Green tea is much better because it has just about enough caffeine to benefit the brain functioning and avoid the jittery after effects of the caffeine that coffee is notoriously known for. Another component if great tea L- theanine helps reduce dopamine to reduce anxiety. The combined impact of caffeine and L- theanine is alert brain functioning.

8. Slows Down Aging Process of the Skin

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities of green tea how to reduce wrinkles and the signs of aging on the skin. Even the topical application of green tea on the skin provides sun protection. Just imagine, when the green tea reduces risks of cancer, heart diseases and diabetes 2 then you are not only going to live healthier but also longer. So consider drinking a great trip as part of your daily life.