anti inflammatory foods

15 Anti-inflammatory Foods

People are becoming more aware of anti-inflammatory foods and moving towards a healthy diet. You will find inflammation at the root of most diseases.

anti inflammatory foods

While on one hand, inflammation is a body's natural defense response to infection or injury, the chronic inflammation on the other hand causes diseases such as weight gain, diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, arthritis and scores of other health problems.

It is then important to take measures that combat chronic inflammation. Some foods and beverages have shown excellent anti-inflammatory characteristics. So, you should consume more anti-inflammatory foods to fight inflammation and avoid the foods that cause Inflammations.

A list of top 15 anti inflammatory foods is given later but first let us look into foods that cause Inflammations. Avoid them or at least reduce consumption to gradually give them up.

Foods that Cause Inflammation

Most food items of the industrial era cause inflammation. They have become an integral part of our regular lifestyle due to their taste and convenience.

Avoid these foods and beverages to stay away from chronic inflammations.

  • Fried and processed foods - Almost all kinds of fried and processed foods can cause Inflammations. Use natural organic products instead.
  • Sugar and Refined Carbs - Candies, sodas, white flour and all kinds of sugar
  • Dairy and Animal Products - Some people get Inflammations with milk and other animal products. If you already have arthritis then just get your proteins from anti-inflammatory foods such as vegetables, nuts, beans and lentils instead of from milk and meat.
  • Salt and Preservatives - You may not be aware but you may be consuming more salt than you imagine. Sodium is the main culprit, so reduce table salt and avoid canned food to reduce inflammations.
  • Saturated Fats - They may help your taste buds but they cause Inflammations. Reduce consumption of omega 6 fatty acids and replace them with anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fatty acids. All vegetable oils such as soy, corn, palm, safflower and sunflower oils have high omega 6 oils. Reduce their consumption and increase consumption of fish oil.
  • Alcohol and tobacco - Alcohol consumption in excess causes gout and tobacco can cause rheumatoid arthritis both are inflammatory conditions.

Top 15 anti-inflammatory Foods

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While you reduce consumption of foods that cause Inflammations, you should increase consumption of anti-inflammatory foods to stay healthy.

Following are top 15 anti-inflammatory foods

  • Water
  • Leafy greens
  • Vegetables
  • Herbs and spices
  • Citrus Fruits (Lemons and limes)
  • Other Fresh fruits
  • Soaked beans and legumes
  • Soaked and/or sprouted grains
  • Plant-based whole foods
  • Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with mother
  • Raw nuts and seeds
  • Dates and Dried Figs and other dried fruits
  • Seaweed (spirulina, nori, kelp, dulse)
  • Green Juices and Smoothies
  • Herbal tea

Other Tips and Precautions

Always aim for overall balanced food when you consider to include anti-inflammatory foods in your diet.