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Who doesn't like smooth skin? Rough and patchy skin spoil the beauty of your face. If you have acne and other blemishes on your skin then it makes even more frustrating.

get smooth skin

Getting a smooth and Flawless skin becomes a dream in such cases. You may get tempted to use those expensive skin care products in the market but you don't have to do that.

Some of these products may have harsh chemicals that may damage your skin in longer term. There are innumerable natural products that can make your skin smooth and flawless, use them.

The biggest advantage of the natural products is that they do not harm your skin. They may take time to produce results but they are the safest ways to get smooth skin.

Develope a Good Skin Care Routine for Smooth Skin

Wash your face less often than you do video. This may sound counterintuitive but it is true that too much washing off face with chemical products may make your skin more rough.

Even if you are using natural products do not overdo it.

After using a cleanser always use a suitable toner that helps in removing dirt, oil and deadskin cells as well the clenaser itself which usually is difficult to remove with water alone.

Exfoliate your skin gently and reguarly to remove dead skin cells. Regular replacement of deadskin cells with new skin wil bring smoothness and glow to your facial skin.

Use moisturizer before going to the bed.

Always clean your makeup brushes before use.

Protect yourself from excessive sun exposure.

Eat healthy diet and avoid high fats diets and soda.

Do not get tempted to pick on squeeze acne.

5 Natural Ways to get Smooth Skin

1. Stay Hydrated With Water and Juices

Water is essential for healthy and smooth skin. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. You can also drink fruit juices but avoid drinking alcohol and carbonated drinks but they dehydrate.

Water flushes out the toxins from your body. Most of us are always dehydrated due to our current lifestyle of living in airconditioned environment. we dont feel thristy under such environment, therefore we have to make consious decisions to frequently drink water.

2. Cleanse Your Face with Lemon

Cleansing is important to remove dead skin cells and other debris from your pores. Lemon is an excellent cleanser as well as mild bleach.

Rich in vitamin C this Citrus lemaon juice posseses excellent antringent properties and is great for oily skin in particualer. Other skin types can also use lemon for cleansing.

Mix one egg white in a juice of half lemon and apply on your skin. Live it for 15 minutes and remove it with warm water.

3. Use Tomato Juice as Toner

Tomato juice is in excellent tuner to follow cleansing by lemon.

Remove the seeds from tomato and put it in there blender grinder to make tomato puree.

Applied this fresh tomato Beauty on your face leave it there for 15 min. Wash it well with warm water.

That is it. It will also hela your acne over a period of time.

4. Use Aloe Vera as Day Time Moisturizer

Aloe Vera is not only moisturizing but it also removes blemishes from the skin and helps to heal acne as well.

You can use fresh aloe vera gel extracted from an aloe vera leaf you can use previousely extracted and stored aloe vera gel. You can extract aloe vera gel and store it in a sealed bottle for a week.

You can also buy aloe vera gel reputed manufacturers for the purpose.

Apply aloe vera gel trwice a day. You can leave it there on the skin or wash it after and hour.

5. Use Honey as Overnight Moisturizer

Honey is an excellent moisturizer. You can apply honey before going to the bed and leave it on your skin overnight. Wash your face in the morning with warm water to clean honey.

It it keeps your skin moisturized overnight and also remove dead skin.