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If you are facing muscle aches or spasms, anxiety, sleeping problems and poor digestion then chances are that you are suffering from magnesium deficiency.

magnesium deficiency

Magnesium, like the other essential minerals such as calcium and potassium is very important for proper functioning of your body.

Magnesium keeps your blood pressure under control, makes your bone strong, maintains proper heart rhythm and helps in digestion. It plays a vital role in functioning of muscles and nerves.

So, you can see that every organ of your body needs magnesium.

What Causes Magnesium Deficiency

magnesium deficiency causes infographic

There are a number of reasons that can cause magnesium deficiency to any healthy individual. Some of most common causes are as under:

1. Eating Habits

One of the main causes of magnesium deficiency is your eating habits.

A typical modern American diet is full of fats, sugar, salt and phosphate. French fries, fried foods and sodas are in and green vegetables, fruits and other healthy foods are out. This not only makes you magnesium deficient but also increases your overall requirements of magnesium.

This is what happens.

  • High sugar intake excrete magnesium by the kidneys
  • High saturated fat diet reduces magnesium absorption
  • High phosphate content in the sodas binds the magnesium

2. Quality of Water

It is not just the food you eat but the water you drink also can cause magnesium deficiency.

Most soft water sources including municipal supplies of water and regular bottled water do not have enough minerals to meet your body requirements.

So look for water which has 130ppm of magnesium.

3. Over consumption of Supplements

Women who consumes lots of vitamins and supplements generally do not realize that excess consumption of calcium requires additional magnesium to absorb it. Therefore body requirements of magnesium increases causing magnesium deficiency.

So, if you are taking calcium supplements then take magnesium supplements as well in the ratio of 2 is to 1 or even in the 1 is to 1 ratio depending on the level of magnesium deficiency.

4. Medicines

Certain medicines also cause magnesium deficiency. These include certain antibiotics, corticosteroids, diuretics anticancer drugs, certain asthma medications, hormone estrogen and anti-fungal medicines.

Even many heart failure medications cause magnesium deficiency.

So, if you are taking any of these medicines for a longer period then be sure to check with your doctor whether you need magnesium supplements or not. Most likely you will need.

5. Medical conditions

Certain illnesses such as liver disease, diabetes and hormonal imbalances can cause magnesium deficiency. Even stress and aging can cause serious magnesium deficiency as these conditions increase magnesium requirements of your body.

Burns and surgeries increases body's need of magnesium and if sufficient quantity is not provided then it will cause the magnesium deficiency.

A large number of disorders such as Crohn’s disease, kidney problems, cystic fibrosis and some terminal diseases reduces body's capabilities to absorb magnesium which increases magnesium consumption requirements.

6. Other Causes of Magnesium deficiency

Alcoholism and dependence on caffeinated drinks also can cause sever magnesium deficiency.

You may not realize but excessive sweating can cause magnesium deficiency as well as other mineral deficiency that is why sports drink have become very popular.

So, whenever you sweat you replace your lost minerals by consuming some electrolyte or sports drink.

You should not ignore magnesium deficiency as all your organs require it to stay healthy and to function efficiently.