Researchers have found that the carrier of Sickle Cell Anemia traits can survive the most severe symptoms of malaria including death.  Patients suffering from Sickle cell anemia have may problems of pain and fatigue thought their lives but every bad thing has some goodness and in this case is its resistance to killer disease malaria. The malaria parasites generally attack the red blood cells protein Hemoglobin that carries oxygen to the tissues and other parts of the body. The red cells are damaged in the attack.

In normal types of infections these damaged cells are removed by the spleen or the liver. But the damaged cell attacked by malaria parasites stick to the blood vessels.  This becomes dangerous as the sticky cells block the blood circulation to vital organs which may lead to death in many cases.

People of African origin, India and Middle east have been found with the traits of sickle cell anemia. And these are the places where maximum malaria attack and death happens. However, scientists have doctors now believe that the deaths and severities of other symptoms of malaria would have been much higher if the sickle cell anemia was absent here.

Now that it doesn’t mean that the carrier of this trait is not vulnerable to death due to malaria. Though they are more resistance to the attack and its devastating impact, they should still get medication to save them.

The patients of Sickle cell anemia carry two abnormal genes of red cell hemoglobin inherited from both parents. People with one normal Red cell hemoglobin and the other Sickle cell hemoglobin are the people who survive the most attacks of malaria. The exact mechanism is still not understood as to how the sickle cell anemia trait resists malaria attack.

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