The first very obvious method is to find out what causes sinus infection and then avoid exposure to those conditions. It is easier said than done because there are millions of allergens that are responsible for it.  Although there are no hard and fast rules on how to prevent a sinus infection, there are many precautions that might help.

Let us first begin with the home place of the infection. Keep the nasal passage and cavities moist all the time. This can be achieved by daily use of saline water sprays or nasal irrigation. The process is called Neti. Turn your face downwards on one side and fill the salt water ( 1 teaspoon of salt in one glass of water) from one nasal opening and let it come out from the other. repeat the process by turning the face downwards in th opposite direction. After doing it from both side, blow your nose repeatedly 10-15 times by keeping the mouth shut so that the air rushes out from the nostrils.

Keep your self away from the usual  suspects like cigarette smoke, stagnant air, irritating fumes and other chemical fumes. Fine dust particles during a dust storm can cause trouble so cover your face including nose with fine cloth which acts as a filter.

Chlorine used to clean swimming pool is one of the biggest cause of sinusitis among the swimmer. If you are an occasional swimmer then the chlorinated water is definitely going to affect you. Even if you are able to save yourself from nasal or oral intake of the pool water the harmful chlorine gets absorbed through the skin. Most professional swimmers prefer swimming in the salt water pools rather than the chlorinated pools.

A complete dry atmospheric condition can also cause sinus infection. Ensure that acceptable humidity levels aremaintained in your dwelling places. A careful use of humidifier is recommended in such cases. However, maintaining cleanliness andcockroachand mold free hygines must be maintained.

Another very obvious precaution is to ensure that your home is clean of all dust and molds. Keep the windows open at least for some time to ensure that the inside air to not get stagnant.

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