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When hair does not get natural moisture or can’t retain moisture in the hair shaft, it becomes dry. Treat them early. There are a number of home remedies that will not only make your dry hair healthy but you will also prevent hair loss, dandruff and other types of hair damages.

dry hair remedies

While malnutrition is one of the key causes of dry hair, use of harsh chemical containing hair care products and chlorinated water in the swimming pool are also contributing to dry hair.  In addition pollution, wind and sun, coloring, electric curlers, straightening irons and excessive blow-drying are also some of the main causes of dry hair.

Always eat a healthy diet to protect your hair from drying. Use mild hair care products that suit your hair type and use good quality of conditioners to keep your hair healthy.

In addition, the following home remedies for dry hair will be very useful:

Use of protein rich natural products to regain luster from dry hair

7 Natural Remedies for Dry Hair

7 dry hair home remedies

1. Mayonnaise

Believe it or not Mayonnaise is an excellent conditioner and forms a very effective treatment for dry hair. Protein rich mayonnaise will make your hair look healthy and shiny. Mayonnaise contains eggs and vinegar which are natural good hair treatment products. 

It will take care of your dull, dry or frizzy hair within a few applications. Then make it a regualaer weekly habit to condition your hair with mayonnaise. 

Slightly damp your hair with warm water. Depending on whether your hairs are short or long, you should take sufficient quantity of mayonnaise. For average long hair one cup is sufficient. So if you have short hair, reduce the quantity and apply as under.

  • Massage the scalp with mayonnaise and work towards hair ends
  • Make sure that a thick layer is applied on all hair
  • Cover you head with a plastic wrap for an hour
  • Wash your hair with lukewarm water.
  • Shampoo your hair it with mild natural products

You hair will become healthy and look shiny within 4 weeks, if you treat your dry hair with mayonnaise once a week

2. Egg

Egg is also an excellent protein rich product for all types of hair. If your hair are normal then you can use both the egg white and the yolk for treatment. Use only egg white for your oily hair. For dry hair you should use only the egg yolk for best results. 

Eggs can be used in a variety of different combination with yogurt, milk, olive oil and other oils to make your almost dead dry hair look shiny. Use one of such combination with milk.

  • Beat an egg yolk in a cup of skimmed milk and whip it thoroughly.
  • Let the foam settle.
  • Apply the paste on the scalp and all your hair.
  • Leave it there for 15 minutes and rinse the hair thoroughly with water.
  • Shampoo with mild shampoo.

You can use this routine twice a week for 4 weeks to get good results. However, if your hair are really too dry and brittle then follow the routine every alternate day.  

Use of Natural Oils to Prevent Dry Hair.

3. Almond Oil

Hot Almond oil massage is great for dry hair. Almond oil not only treats your dryness of the hair but also repairs split ends and removes dandruff. The softening and moisturising capabilities of almond oil bring life to the damamged dul hair. Rich in proteins, antioxidants, vitamin E and fatty acids almonds will nourish your hair to remove the dullness from those dry hair.

The application is simple. Just do as under:

  • Apply warm almond oil to the scalp and massage it with finger tips. 
  • Gently rubbing scalp with fingertips stimulates the oil glands
  • You can shampoo your hair after 30 minutes.

It is even better to massage your scalp just before going to bed and leave the oil on the scalp over night before washing and shampooing your hair in the morning. It will convert your dull and frizzy hair into shiny and healthy locks. 

4 - Olive Oil

Olive oil is another excellent home remedy for dry hair. Unlike Almond oil which is massaged on the scalp, Olive oil should be used on the hair as a pack. It provides both nutrition and conditioning to the hair. 

Olive oil contains emollients like oleic acid, palmitic acid, and squalene. These are the same ingradients added in their synthtic forms in many shampoos and conditioners. The emolient provides shine and softness to the dull and dry hair. 

Use olive oil in the following manner:

  • Divide your hair into sections and apply the oil gently to the scalp first massaging down through the ends of the hairs. This way the oil will be applied in all the hair thoroughly.
  • Apply a plastic cap and keep it there for an hour.
  • Wash and rinse with lukewarm water.

You can use olive oil and eggs combination to make a hair pack instead of just olive oil.

You can use castor oil, mustard oil and other organic oils for dry hair. Castor oil stops hair loss as well.

There are many other food products you can use on your hair or eat as remedies to nourish your dry hair.

Other Dry hair Remedies

5 - Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar works very well to treat dry hair. Apply apple-cider in your hair from scalp to the end of hair. Keep it there for 15 minutes. Shower and rinse with cool water.

Don't use this on color treated hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar or for that matter any other vinegar removes the residue leftover by the shampoos and other hair care products that are responsible for dry hair very effectively. It also helps to prevent scratching and dandruff which are some of the indirect main causes of dry hair. Apple cider vinegar is also a very good remedy for dandruff

6 - Water

Dehydration of body has significant impact on the hair condition. Most of us are normally dehydrated most of the time. So drink a lot of water throughout the day.  This will not only improve your dry hair condition but your skin will also begin to look good and glowing.

7- Flax Seeds.

Omega 3 rich Flax seeds is good for dry hair. Flax seeds boost hair shine and also make skin healthy Add Flex seeds into your daily salads and cereals.

In addition to the external application of products on your hair, you have to eat and drink healthy to keep your hair look shiny and healthy. Better nutrition is essential for well being and health of hair is no exception.