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A boil can be formed in any part of the body. Boils formed on Buttocks can be painful and embarrassing. A sitting posture can put pressure on the boils resulting in pain and premature rupture.

Tree Tea Oil for Boils on Buttock

Have you ever wondered on how to get rid of boils on buttocks ? Boil generally begins to appear as a tender reddened area. It gets firmer, harder and tender as the time lapses. Ultimately the center of the boil begins to get softer and gets filled with white blood cells from the blood stream to get rid of the infection.

The combination of the white blood cells, the bacteria and the protein is called puss which forms a head on the bump. This head gets automatically ruptures to drain the puss. It also can be surgically opened in some cases to drain the puss. But you can effectively get rid of boil on butt at home if you take certain precationary measures given below. 

What Causes Boils on Buttocks?

There are several causes of the boils in the buttocks. A splinter or other material when gets lodged in the skin, an ingrown hair or a bacterial infection, any one of them can cause boils in the buttock.

Most of bacterial infection to form boil comes from the staph bacteria which thrives on human body. The infection occurs when the immune system is at its low and the cleanliness is inadequate or missing.

Usually Staph infections occur on dry skin which cracks. Staph bacteria can penetrate the underlying skin through the cracks.

Ingrown hair or any open flesh wounds and sometimes simply scratching your skin can cause infections.

Rashes on buttocks are different from the boils and are usually caused by the fungal infection. Other possible bump that can appear on the buttocks is a sore or a blister which is normally caused by Herpes virus through sexual transmission. A swelling in the butt crack can be fissure.

Therefore it is important to differentiate a boil on buttock with either rashes on buttocks, the sore on buttocks or fissure before deciding on the treatment.

Treatment for Boils on Buttocks

The first and the most important part of how to treat boils on buttocks begin with the process of maintaining proper hygiene. Make sure that your hands are clean and any traces of the leftover of previous pus are washed well.

On time treatment of the boils is very important particularly to stop it from spreading.

How to Get Rid of Boils on Buttocks

There are many natural ways to get of the boils on buttocks. The first and foremost is prevention or avoid betting boils.

This begins with boosting the immune system. Drink lots of water and other fluids such as juices and eat healthy food. Support it by regular exercise. This is not only good for preventing boils but also is good for preventing many lifestyle disorders that causes high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases.

Once you get a boil on the butt then it is really very discomforting as sitting becomes an ordeal. There are many good natural remedies for boils on buttocks.

Home Remedies for Boils on buttocks

boil on butt infographic

The best natural method is to apply heat on the boil. You can use a hot water bottle and place it on the boil for 10-15 minutes. The heat will attract white blood cells to the boil to fight with the infection.

You can apply a drop of tree tea oil on the boil and let it settle and dry. Tree tea Oil is a natural antiseptic that not only helps in treating a boil but stops it from spreading.

Drain the boil with a sterile needle when the pus is formed. Applying heat can help draining fast. You can also squeeze the surrounding area to help escape the fluid. Be careful not to get infected with the pus.

If the boils don’t get removed by the above methods then visit a doctor.