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Oil pulling is an ancient traditional Ayurvedic practice from India to remove bacteria from mouth. You require to swish oil inside your mouth to pull out bacteria from teeth and gums to kill them. Recently oil pulling has been given a very good PR, as a result more and more people are practicing it for maintaining better oral hygiene and gaining other health benefits.

 coconut oil pulling benefits

Testicular pain and swelling is common among men of all ages. Also known as scrotal pain, the testicular pain can vary in its severity and time period. One of the most severe and excruciating pain is caused by Testicular torsion. This requires immediate medical attention and a surgery is performed in almost all cases. Otherwise most incidences of testicular pains are low intensity. These kinds of slow and steady pain may disappear on their own. If the regular testicular pain is not treated then it may lead to infertility, erectile dysfunction and even loss of testicle. Home Remedies can provide relief in most non severe testicular pains.

testicular pain remedies

Pilonidal cyst is a chronic skin infection at the beginning of the crease of your buttock just at the bottom of the tailbone. It occurs with pus with high risk of infection. The infected cysts are painful making sitting and walking difficult. Highly developed pilonidal cyst can rupture, ooze pus or even bleed.

pilonidal cyst remedies

Who doesn't want to look younger? No one wants wrinkles on the skin, but as we age our skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag and wrinkled.

aging skin remedies

Blackheads are like acne. They appear as a result of clogging of pores. The contain oxidized melanin that is why they appear black. Melanin is a pigment that provides darkness to your skin.

honey for blackheads