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Lichen Simplex Chronicus (LSC) or Neurodermatitis circumscripta is caused by scratching certain parts of the body repeatedly over a long period of time. This chronic scratching thickens and discolors the skin of the scratched area. Lichen Simplex Chronicus is an end result of a vicious cycle. It begins with the itch on a skin area. Repeated skin thickens the area. The thickened skin induces more itches in and around the surrounding area and spreads. This itch cycle can continue if not treated. 

The process of itching to thickening of skin is called lichenification.

This condition occurs more often with the people who are already suffering from eczema. Other people can also develop the condition.

Most common skin areas that are affected by Neurodermatitis are scalp, neck, wrists, upper forearms and ankles.

Treatment of LSC is very difficult. It takes many weeks before the skin becomes normal that is if it responds to a particular treatment.

The best way forward is to learn to manage it in such a way that it doesn’t spread and finally gets cured on its own. This requires tremendous will power and discipline.

It is not easy to stop temptation to scratch the itch. Sub-cancerously your hands will move and do it. So consciously you have to win over your subconscious and avoid scrtching at any cost.

The next step is to find out what is causing the itch. The trigger for the scratch must be identified and dealt with. 

Applying moisturizers can control some of the urge. Use of warm water and soaps to take bath must be completely avoided.

If the condition is already too bad then medical attention is required. Since the medical treatment may include high strength steroid creams it needs to be monitored under supervision to avoid more serious side effects life skin cancer. 

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