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How do you know if you have diabetes when the early signs are mild and can easily remain undetected.

warning signs diabetes

Rise in blood glucose level may get detected in one of your visit to doctor. This generally is an accidental revelation, but if you really careful then you can detect the early warning signs of diabetes to take immediate action before it is too late.

Diabetes is preventable as well as controllable metabolic disorder. If you continue to live with diabetes then it will gradually cause irreparable long term damage to your heart, kidneys, eyes, brain, liver and skin.

So, stay alert, and if you are observing one or more of the following symptoms, then check your blood glucose levels.

12 Tell Telling Symptoms

When we talk about early warning signs, we usually refer to diabetes type 2 which is preventable. Diabetes Type 1 is generally genetic disorder and it happens rather quickly, you really can't do much to prevent it.

early warning signs diabetes infographic

However, symptoms in both types of diabetes will be the same.

1. Frequent Peeing

Frequent peeing is an indication for further check up. Diabetes is most likely cause of frequent peeing. 

2. Increased Thirst and Hunger

if you are feeling hungry even after eating food then there is a high chance of raised blood sugar levels. 

3. Fatigue all the time

Chronic fatigue can be one of the symptoms of diabetes. Chronic fatigue can also be caused by lack of nutrients in the body, so do the blood tests to rule out diabetes or any other underlying condition.

4. Dry Mouth

Dry mouth and bad breath are indication of presence of bacteria in the mouth. If you have diabetes then bacteria will mushroom in the mouth and make it dry. 

5. Weight Gain

If your weight is increasing, then you may develop diabetes as weight gain is an early warning sign. You can reply lower weight and avoid diabetes in the early stages. 

6. Unexpected Weight Loss

If you suddenly lose weight then chances are that it is because of diabetes. There may be other causes but all causes are serious. So never take unexpected weight lightly.

7. Slow healing Sores and Cuts

If you have developed diabetes then your wounds will take longer than normal to heal. So, if your minor cuts are not healing quickly check your blood glucose levels. You may already have diabetes.

8. Itching of Skin

If you begin to getting itching for no apparent reason then it can be due to diabetes. Skin cells may not be getting nutrients due to lack of insulin.

9. Frequent Yeast Infections

This is a very common symptom of diabetes among the women. Check your blood sugar levels.

10. Darkness of Neck and Armpit Skins

Skin around your neck, armpits and groin area may become dark or velvety due to lack of nutrients reaching there.

11. Numbness in Hands and Feet

If you are feeling numbness or tingling in your hands and feet then this may be due to diabetes.

12. Erectile Dysfunction

This is a common problem of diabetes in men in the advanced stages of diabetes. Blood circulation in the small capillaries slows down leading to erectile disfunction or even impotence.

If you feel these symptoms then contact your health care professionals and get tested for diabetes. If you