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Why should you drink enough water?

We all drink water every day without really knowing how much water we need to drink daily. Interestingly most of us drink less water than required and hardly few people drink enough water.

how much water to drink

Approximately 60% of our body weight comes from water. This itself clarifies how important water is for a healthy body. Now if you lose water for any reason then functioning of your body gets adversely affected.

On the other hand if your body is retaining more water then there is something wrong with in the body. Your kidneys may not be functioning well or you may have a heart failure. In both these cases drinking more water can be dangerous. But these are exceptional cases and you must cancelled your doctor if you have these problems.

Barring those medical problems, if you're drinking less water than you are considered dehydrated.
Severe dehydration can be life-threatening. So don't let yourself dehydrated drink enough water.

So how much water should we really drink everyday?

This might look like a simple question but it's difficult to answer because we are all made different.

Our body structure, levels of physical activities we are involved in and the outside climate conditions are generally the most important factors to arrive at how much water do we really need?

If you are in average healthy individual living under normal weather conditions, doing minimal regular physical activities then you require 2 liters of water every day.

How to Figure Uut Whether You are Drinking Enough Water?

If you run generally feeling weak with mind confusion and exhaustion for no apparent reason then it could most likely be dehydration. Which means you are not drinking enough water.

If your urine color is yellow or dark then you are not getting enough water, or losing more water or both. Your urine color should be water like color or can be light yellow. Some vitamins, supplements and medicines can change your urine color dark. So, beware of that not confuse it with dehydration.

Why Water is Important?

Water is very important to proper functioning of the entire body.

Water flushes out the toxins from the body, mainly through , urine, sweat and bowel movements.

It helps to keep ear, nose, mouth and other mucous membranes moist as required by the body.

Water helps to prevent kidney stones and constipation.

Water keeps the skin healthy and vibrant.

Water helps to transport nutrients to the cells like blood does.

How to Get Enough Water Everyday

You are water requirements are met in so many different ways than just by consuming simple water alone.

The fruits and vegetables you eat, contribute to water contents.

Beverages like caffeine alcohol juices milk and other liquids do contribute to meet your water requirements.

Though alcohol, caffeinated and soda drinks are considered diuretics, they are weak diuretics. Net result is generally more water in the body.

So generally on kinds of fluid intakes add water to the body. But plain water is still the best way to meet the body’s normal requirements of water.

If you're exercising and sweating then you are not only losing water from the body but you're also losing minerals. Therefore it is very important to consume sports drink which are in inhibited with electrolytes meeting both your water and mineral requirements.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding woman then also your body requirement for water increases, therefore consume more Water.

Your water intake requirements may also increase if you have urinary tract infection or you are suffering from flu.

You can develop habit of keeping a bottle of water with you always. Take a few sips every now and then to ensure that you have consumed 2 liter of water everyday.