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Abscess tooth is a very painful infection of gum or root of the tooth caused by severe tooth decay. Gingivitis, gum disease or trauma to the truth can also cause abscess tooth. This results in opening of the tooth enamel allowing bacteria to invade tooth pulp. The infection can also spread to the root of the tooth and bones that support the tooth.

garlic for tooth abscess


Tooth abscess should not be allowed to happen. If you have ignored the warning signs and it has already occurred then you must consult your dentist. Natural remedies such as garlic can also help you to effectively deal with tooth abscess.

What are the Common Symptoms of Abscessed Tooth?

It is a serious discomfiting situation to have abscess in tooth. Following are some of the symptoms of this type of severe toothache.

  • Throbbing or shooting pain
  • Sensitivity of the teeth too hot or cold food and drinks
  • Pain during chewing
  • Foul smell in the breath
  • Redness and swelling of the gums
  • Fever
  • Swollen upper and lower Jaws
  • Swollen neck glands

Can Garlic Really Treat Tooth Abscess?

Many healing capabilities of garlic come into play to deal with tooth infection

  • Sulphur containing nutrients in garlic heels all kinds of infections and inflammations
  • Anaesthetic properties of Garlic helps to numb the infected area and subside the pain immediately.
  • Allicin - a special sulphur containing amino acid in garlic is powerful natural antibiotic That kills bacteria and stops spreading the infection
  • Flavonoids and other nutrients in garlic helps to heal wounds fast

So garlic not only helps to stop the infection but also provides instant pain relief.

How to Use Garlic for Abscess Tooth in Different Ways?

garlic for tooth abscess infographic

You can use garlic on its own or in combination with other natural products to fight with bacterial infection and heal tooth abscess.

1. Garlic Juice

You can use cut garlic clove or crushed garlic clove for instant pain relief by placing it on directly on the affected tooth gum.

  • Split a garlic clove into two pieces by knife and place one of the peace facing the cut area on the affected tooth.
  • Garlic juice will slowly seep into the gum and stop the pain.
  • You can keep a cotton ball between the garlic and your inner cheek to protect cheek irritation
  • Remove the Cotton ball and spit out the garlic
  • Rinse your mouth with warm water
  • Do it twice daily for best impact

2. Garlic Powder

  • Slightly moist cotton ball in warm water and sprinkle garlic powder on one side
  • Place the cotton ball with garlic powder side on the infected tooth
  • Leave there for 5 minutes for the garlic powder to work on the abscess
  • Remove the cotton ball and rinse your mouth with warm water
  • Do it twice daily.

3. Garlic Juice and Clove Oil

  • Crush one garlic clove and extract its juice
  • Add a few drops of clove oil and mix well
  • Apply the mix with a dropper with the help of a q-tip on the abscessed tooth
  • Rinse your mouth after 10 minutes
  • Do it twice daily

4. Garlic and Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another powerful antiseptic fluid that cleanses the mouth of bacteria. You should use apple cider vinegar and garlic juice as a mouthwash

  • Add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and garlic juice each in a cup of water
  • Mix it well
  • Slowly gargle with the mix
  • Swish the solution many times each time before spitting it out.
  • Do it 2-3 times daily

5. Garlic and Salt

Salt stops the infection from spreading as it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

  • Crush 4 cloves of garlic and add 1/8 of teaspoon of salt
  • Mix it well
  • Apply required quantity on the affected tooth and gum.
  • Leave it for 10 minutes
  • Do not gulp down any garlic salt mix
  • Spit out the mix after 10 minutes and
  • Rinse your mouth with warm water
  • Do it 2 times a day.

Keeping this mix in the mouth for 10 minutes can hurt. If you can’t bear it then remove it earlier.

6. Garlic and Turmeric

Turmeric is an excellent antibacterial and antiinflammatory agent. It helps to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation and pain.You can make garlic turmeric powder paste and keep it for a week for use. 

  • Crush 4 cloves of garlic
  • Add equal amount of turmeric powder and mix well to make a thick paste
  • Apply it directly on the affected tooth and gum
  • Spit it out after 10 minutes
  • Rinse your mouth with warm water and brush your teeth. 

7. Garlic and Peppermint;

Peppermint is natural antibacterial product like garlic. It helps to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation. It also reduces swelling. 

  • Extract juice from a handful of peppermint leaves
  • Add garlic juice in equal quantity and mix well
  • You can partly use the mix on your tooth and save the balance for further use
  • Apply on your abscessed tooth with a cotton ball
  • Hold it for 10 minutes and discard the cotton ball
  • Rinse your mouth with warm water


  • Garlic is blood thinner. Avoid consuming garlic if you are already on blood thinning medications. The topical application on the abscessed tooth is OK as you are not consuming garlic.
  • Raw garlic gives sting and burning sensation to the skin. Keep a cotton ball between garlic and inside of your cheeks so that garlic is only applied on the gums and the affected tooth
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene - brush and floss your teeth regularly to keep them healthy. 
  • Use the right kind of toothbrush - usually soft brushes keep gums healthy
  • Garlic may not solve every tooth infection effectively

If the above remedies of garlic raw or in combination with other natural products doesn't solve your tooth abscess problem then you should contact your dentist. Tooth abscess is a serious condition which should not be neglected under any circumstances. Otherwise, it can really cause more serious problems in the mouth making your life miserable.