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Sugar craving is one of the biggest temptation to resist. You may be able to stop for some time but a long term permanent solution requires a strong desire and commitment. Unfortunately the desire is usually developed by your doctor who warns you to stop all kinds of added sugar. 

stop sugar craving

These days you may have heard the term ‘probiotics’ very often. Lot of positive scientific research findings on the health benefits of probiotics is now available, that is perhaps why it is so widely used term.

signs you need probiotics

Why should you drink enough water?

We all drink water every day without really knowing how much water we need to drink daily. Interestingly most of us drink less water than required and hardly few people drink enough water.

how much water to drink

Turmeric has been in culinary and medicinal use for ages. It is one of the most common herbs found in Indian curries. Ayurveda and western medicines extensively use it for many therapeutic and preventative measure to combat diseases and conditions.

turmeric for acne

You may be suffering for decades from zinc deficiency and wouldn't even know it. That is the irony. Most people get less zinc than their body requires and the numbers of such people are on the rise. It is almost like an epidemic. 1 in every 3 person is zinc deficient.

zinc deficiency