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Testicular lump should be taken seriously. It is caused by injury or some other underlying medical condition. The lump can form on one or on both the testicles. Any boy or a man of any age can get lump on testicles.

High blood pressure puts you in the risks of developing heart diseases and stroke. It is one of the leading causes of death in the US and other developed world. So, if you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure then Learn to control it.

deep breathing for high blood pressure

Diabetes is one of the most damaging condition of your body. All your vital organs slowly begin to deteriorate if you have uncontrolled diabetes. It is worrying as incidences of the condition are increasing globally.

how to reverse diabetes

Acid Reflux is a very common condition in which stomach acids start flowing back up into the food pipe. This causes burning sensation known as heartburn around the lower chest area. Acid Reflux is also known as acid indigestion or pyrosis.

almond milk for acid reflux

Quitting sugar is certainly beneficial to you. But, is it really easy to quit sugar for ever. Well if we will power is week then it is almost impossible to achieve this goal. There will be huge enchanting withdrawal symptoms, your taste buds me like to rebel when you see your friends enjoying their food.

benefits of quitting sugar