Nits is a popular name for eggs of head lice and Public Lice. When infected these nits are attached to the hair shaft near the head skin and are very difficult to remove. Nits thrive in the warmth and humidity of the human skin. They need this environment to develop. If they are removed from this warmth and humidity they will quickly die. That is why treatment of nits is most effective when treated on the affected area rather than treating the bed, pillows and furniture to get rid of nits. Nits can be crushed or physically removed. There are many nits loosening creams available that can help easy removal of head lice nits with special lice combs. The public area lice are usually termed as crabs because they look like tiny crabs. These nits also can be removed the same way as head lice nits.  

These nits can be crushed one by one but it is cumbersome process and you need someone else to help you do that.

How to Find Nits on the Head?

All nits are found close to the skin. Anything attached to the hair shaft more than ¼” is not nits but a dead head lice shell. Once the lice hatch it leaves the dead shell attached to the hair shaft. As the hair grow this shell keeps moving away from the skin. The dead shells of the head lice can remain on hair for weeks or even months.

Even the nits which are stuck to the hair shaft but have moved away from the scalp due to hair growth will be dead. The dead shell or nits are usually white in color as compared to the live nits which are darker in color. Getting rid of the shell or the dead nits is much easier than the live nits which are more firmly glued to the hair shaft.

Dandruff can be misunderstood as dead lice. Therefore it is important to see more closely before deciding whether the person has lice or not.

How to Get Rid Of Nits?

It is easy to remove adult head lice with various head lice shampoos and head lice combs but getting rid of nits is much bigger task as these shampoos are not effective.

The secret success of getting rid of the nits lies in the use of high quality nit comb. Though shampoos may help to some extent to loosen the nits from the hair shaft, it is the quality of comb that will destroy the nits.

You can avoid the shampoo altogether if you understand how to use a nit comb to remove head lice and nits.

Apply hair oil on the scalp so that the lice comb can work better without much friction and breakage of hair. Then divide the hair in segments and use the comb to crush the nits. Some nits will come out with the comb others may need to be crushed.

Once the process is complete sanitize the comb for further use later and shampoo the head properly and use conditioner for better hair care. Repeat the process every couple of days until you get rid of nits completely.

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