Genital herpes affects both men and women. It shows different symptoms on both because of the pattern in which it manifests. It spreads 4 times faster in women than in men because it transmits easily from men to women than from women to men. There are many reasons for women to get infected by herpes simplex virus 2 easily as compared to men. Symptoms of herpes in the genital area of women therefore appear quickly. Women should therefore be more vigilant and cautious.

Herpes Symptoms in Women Genitals

The disease is more severe in women due larger moist area around their genitals. As we know that the herpes simplex virus spreads through the cervical fluid, saliva and semen. The symptoms are also different. Sometimes the vaginal herpes infection may give pain in the pelvis and groin area.

Also hormonal changes during menstrual cycle when the immune system is comparatively weaker, the simplex virus can easily attack a susceptible woman.

First timers may begin to feel tingling, itching or just pain in the genital area without seeing any visual changes in the skin. Unfortunately this time the virus is infectious. So any physical contact with such woman the herpes can transmit through the vaginal fluid to men. Statistically 1 in 3 infections of herpes virus are passed on to the uninfected partner through such incidences where there are no active outbreaks.

Symptoms of First Outbreak of Genital Herpes.

This is the most painful outbreak. Lesions of tiny blisters begin to appear in and around vaginal area and around anus. These blisters are fluid filled. The sores break and heal in about 2-4 weeks. Pain relief from herpes at this stage is not easy.

The subsequent out breaks are milder and they will occur  at least 4 to 5 times within a year. They look  like pimples and subside within couple of days or little longer.

The biggest problem with genital herpes in women is that its symptoms may be confused with some other problems particularly when the outbreak is inside the vagina. Generally it gets confused with ring worm or insect bite. This confusion can make another person infected with herpes unknowingly.

It is therefore, important to get examined if any abnormality in skin around genital ares is felt or any tingling, itching or pain is experienced. These can be symptoms of genital herpes.   Rule herpes out before engaging in pleasure.

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