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There was a time, not so long ago, when people used to treat their thinning hair only with home remedies. Now with so many chemical products and laser treatments available to treat hair loss, natural methods still remain the best ways to maintain thick hair on your head.

stop hair thinning

Whatever maybe the cause, be it skin infections, medications, age, genetics or any other cause for thinning hair, these natural products will treat the hair loss. You need to have patience. Use them regularly as all of these methods take time to show result.

These are food items for consumption, they are not for topical application on the scalp to stop hair loss. (you can read about topical use natural remedies for hair loss here).

Proper nutrition is one of the most important aspect of being and staying healthy. A balance diet is necessary to get the required nutrients required to keep every part of the body healthy. it doesn't matter weather you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, what matters is weather you are consuming a balanced diet or not on a regular basis. If you become aware of the importance of the balanced diet (most of us are aware, but do not folow it) then irrespective of your eating preferences you will find set of food items that can make your diet balanced.

When some part of your body display signs of deterioration prematurely then it is a time to look at the nutrition first. Since this article is dealing with premature hair thinning, you need to straight away begin to wonder what kinds of nutrition deficiency is causing this hair thinning. This aspect is particularly more relevant if you do not have any hereditary problems. Even if your hair thinning is genetic you can still delay it by proper nutrition.

Causes of Hair Thinning

If you are shedding 50-100 hair a day, then there is no reason to worry about. It is a normal process of hair life-cycle. Some hair are completing there lifestyle and others are starting a new life cycle. However, if the numbers are increased then you should find out the cause of such hair loss and begin to treat it.

It may be very difficult to pinpoint exact cause of hair loss but a combination of factors do help us to resolve the hair thinning issues. Some causes of hair thinning in men and women are common, but there are many other causes that are relevant either to men or women. So depending on who you are you must use remedies to stop your hair loss.

Causes of Hair Thinning in Men - Following are main causes of hair loss in men of which hereditary tops the list.

  • Genetics - hereditary is by far the most common cause
  • Old Age
  • Food
  • Stress
  • Medical Conditions - Alopecia, Skin diseases such as psoriasis or Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Medicines - such as cancer medicines

Causes of Hair Thinning in Women - Women hair loss has many causes in addition to some of the common causes with men hair thinning.

  • Hormone Changes - PCOS is a condition in which more male hormones are secreted than normal
  • Anemia
  • Menopause
  • Bad Hair Care - Curling, straightening and too tight tieying etc
  • Pregnancy
  • Food - Protein Deficiency
  • Crash Dieting
  • Stress
  • Medicines - Birth Control pills and cancer medications

Foods to Stop Hair Thinning

Correcting your nutrition deficiency will help you irrespective of your gender. Both men and women should consider foods to stop hair loss as their first option. This will also improve your overall health.

food to stop hair loss infographic

The important nutrients for strong and healthy hair are:

  • Zinc for hair follicle growth
  • Iron and folic acid  for hair follicle growth
  • Vitamin A for healthy sebum that coats hair follicle
  • Vitamin C also for healthy sebum
  • Vitamin D to activate hair growth - get sun light
  • Protein for cell repair and growth
  • Omega 3- Fatty Acids to make strong hair
  • Magnesium for stronger hair

The follwoing food will give you the above nutrients and more to stop hair fall and grow healthy hair

1. Carrots

Carrot is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C and also contains Iron. Drink carrot juice or eat carrots daily for faster hair growth. it strengthens the hair so that they are not easily broken by pollutants. This effect reduces hair thinning due to hair fall. Carrots also provide other health benefits such as weight loss and improved blood circulation. 

2. Spinach

Rich in Vitamin A and C spinach contains 5 times more Iron than Carrots. It is also a good source of Zinc, folate and niacin. Eat spinach in your daily diet.

3. Salmon

Salmon is a rich source of Omega 3 Fatty acids. In addition it also contains high amount of protein and gives gives some dose of  Iron. Eat salmon at least 3 times a week to get good hair growth.

4. Seeds

Many seeds such as flax, seeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds have high Omega -3 contents which are good of hair growth. In fact seeds are the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids from vagetables. You can sprinkle any or all othe freshly ground seeds on your salads and steamed vegetables to get the benefits including reduction in hair fall.

5. Chicken

Without sufficient protein your muscles and hair don't grow. Any protein deficiency will begin to reflect in hair loss. Chicken is a very good source of protein. Since chicken doesn't have high saturated fat content they are better source of protein as compared to the red meat. Add chicken to your diet twice a week to stop hair fall.

6. Strawberries

Strawberries are Vitamin c rich fruit with good iron and magnesium content. All these nutrients are healthy for your hair growth. Eat strawberries and make smoothies to get double benefits for your hair.

7. Almonds

Almonds are rich in Vitamin D, iron and magnesium.  Almonds have been used for centuries for hair and skin care. Eat a handful of almonds daily. The best time is to eat them is in the morning with your breakfast after soaking overnight.

8. Beans

Beans are rich in Iron and if your hair thinning is caused by iron deficiency then white beans are a great source of this mineral. beans are high protein and high iron and magnesium food items. Add them to your daily diet.

9. Barley

Barley is rich in iron and magnesium. It also contain copper, zinc an selenium is small quantities. All these minerals are good of hair health. You can add this fiber rich carbohydrate in your diet as an additional four in the bread or drink barley water.

10. Geek Yogurt

Yogurt improves gut health by balancing bacteria. it also improves blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles due to presence of pantothenic acid. Eat 200grams of yogurt daily to stop hair loss and remain overall healthy.

11. Oysters

Oysters are very rich source of zinc. Zinc helps women with Ploycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in which women lose their hair due to zinc deficiency. If you fall in the category then you must consider consuming oysters to buildup zinc levels and stop hair loss.

12. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is both high in Iron and Magnesium. It adds to the taste, so add cinnamon to your food and stop hair fall.

13. Guava

Guava is an excellent source of vitamin C and also provides iron and magnesium to the body. The high vitamin C helps you remain energetic and reduce stress and fatigue. Eat guava during season to make your hair stronger.

14. Oatmeal

Oats are rich source of iron and magnesium. Both these minerals are good for hair health. Oatmeal is also very good overall breakfast item. It also helps to reduce weight and control cholesterol. So, prepare oatmeal with nuts like almonds and walnuts. You can also add strawberry. All these food items will not only make oatmeal more tasty but also keep you hair healthy. it will stop hair fall as all the food items have hair healthy nutrients.

15. Eggs

Eggs are very good source of protein required to keep hair healthy. Hair is made of 68% protein (Keratin), therefore all protein rich diets will help to retain strong hair. Eat egg white daily for best results. You can also use egg topically to condition your hair.

16. Liver

Liver is a rich source of iron. iron deficiency is one of the biggest cause of hair loss. You can get iron from spinach and other green vegetables but liver though doesn't appear appetizing can be a good source to buildup iron levels quickly and stop hair loss.

17. Lentils

Lentils are excellent proteins with multi nutrient source to stop hair loss. They are rich in iron, zinc and have plenty of folic acid. If you are a vegetarian then you should eat lentils daily to fulfill your protein requirements.

18. Nuts

All tree nuts and specially walnuts are good for hair health. Walnut is rich in Iron and magnesium, both these minerals are essential for better hair growth. They will nourish the hair follicles and stop hair thinning. You can add handful of walnuts in you midday snacks or morning breakfast.


Avocado is fiber rich food with good amount of iron and magnesium. Both these minerals are comparatively not as high as in some other food items, but avocado by itself is a complete healthy food. Avocado also can be topically applied on your hair to improve hair luster.

20. Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is one of the best source of vitamin A. it also is a good source of Iron and Magnesium. They are also excellent source of antioxidants and beta-carotine. Sweet potatoes are also good for skin and reduce high blood pressure. They also reduce inflammation, cancer and heart diseases. The overall impact is good overall health. Add sweet potatoes in your regular diet. 

21. Mushrooms

Recent studies have found that Copper may help to stop premature greying of hair and stop hair fall. Shiitake mushrooms have been found to be specifically useful as they are copper rich food item.