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The health benefits of pistachios are derived from its healthy composition of vitamins, minerals, proteins fats and other nutrients. Technically it is a fruit eaten in dried form of nuts which are rich in fiber, antioxidants and phytonutrients. Pistachios aids digestion, improves heart health and controls blood sugar in addition to providing other benefits.

health benefits of pistachio

Pink himalayan salt is considered healthier as compared to the common refined salt. It is mined from the ancient sea bed rocks of himalayan region. Millions of years ago himalayan region was sea. The salt accumulated in these rocks is pure unlike sea salt of today which is contaminated with pollutants. The other comparable salt is celtic sea salt which is grey.

pink himalayan salt

Is milk good or bad for heartburn? You will get almost equal supporters on both sides of the argument. But, you need to get rid of that nasty heartburn now and the milk is always easily accessible in your refrigerator.

So what do you do?

Here is a little long answer. The onset of Heartburn is directly related to certain types of food you eat. In the normal process when food moves from food pipe to stomach esophagus relaxes and opens the route to stomach and quickly closes to avoid foods to get back in reverse direction. Some food relaxes the lower esophagus sphincter (LES). The relaxed LES allows the food to get from stomach along with stomach acids back into the food pipe. This is acid reflux and it causes pain in the chest area called heartburn.

There are many ways to get rid of heartburn, but for the context of this article, you can use skimmed or low fat milk for heartburn relief.

milk for heartburn

The health benefits of Shea butter on skin and hair have been identified since ancient time. That is why Shea butter is one of the top most natural moisturizers. It heals skin conditions such as dry skin, stretch marks, acne, rashes and eczema.

Shea butter is also a good natural remedy for various hair conditions such as dandruff and dry hair. It makes your hair soft, shiny and thick. Shea Butter is now widely used in many skin and hair beauty products.

health benefits of shea butter

You can take different types of herbal tea for constipation instead of using chemical laxatives to improve bowel movements. Most teas are soothing and relaxing but some teas have laxative properties to relieve you from those hard difficult stools.

Constipation means your stools are infrequent and difficult to pass. You may feel bloated. Missing out a stool or two in your general routine is not constipation. If you have not passed your stools for more than 3 times a week then you certainly have constipation. In that case, you need to improve your bowel movements to stay healthy.

tea for constipation